Ok, found these posts

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Ok, found these posts

Postby rwk » Mon Nov 03, 2003 11:49 pm

I read these posts on Google forums, I'm posting the words from the articles here.

RE: Dorney trashing their classic Mill Chute ride

>That's one major strike against Cedar Fair!

I agree, but they don't. In the words of Scott Bluebond, "We're NOT in
the antique business, we're in the AMUSEMENT business -- we have to
keep current in the industry, and can't be wasting time with old rides
that have poor throughput and require constant maintanence"

That's their stance on the issue. And yes, you can safely assume that
Dorney Park and Mr. Bluebond are not amoung my favorite people in the
world! My kudos go to people like Dick Knoebel, who stock their park
with classic rides bought from other (usually dying) amusement parks!<end>

Me: That's the answer to the "why did CF get rid of old rides" thing.

Next, (very long post, not mine) Subject: Traditional "vs" Corporate Theme Parks

I'm the type of person who doesn't try too hard to compare parks. It's
like comparing anything that you like. Yes, there may be things that you
ultimately like more, but you'll be much better off if you take everything
for what it is, and enjoy the pleasures that it offers, without lamenting
what it doesn't have. Some days I want a great steak. Some days I eat
McDonalds. Both have their advantages.

When I'm at a corporate park, I don't wish for what traditional parks
offer (except maybe for shorter lines. I enjoy what they offer.
They're great for riding those big, expensive coasters and thrill rides
that MANY people -- myself included -- love.

When I'm at a traditional park, I don't lament for a big thrill ride; I
enjoy it's charm, classic rides and coasters and short lines.

Would I rather be riding Montu that Whalom's Flyer Comet? Yes, but when
I'm riding the Flyer Comet, I'm not worrying about that; I'm enjoying the
drops and fan turn and with multiple rerides. Would I rather be enjoying
everything Knoebels has to offer than waiting in line for Batman? Yes,
but I know that I have a great ride coming, so I wait.

I think that the biggest mistake that the small parks in the industry
could make is trying too hard to compare themselves to the huge parks.
This might work when moms are making the decision, since adults tend to be a bit more analytical in their thinking, and they value nostalgia. But
the kids aren't gonna go for it. Their love of thrills is gonna bring
them to the big parks with the bigger/faster/"better" rides. And if lines
are the price they pay, then they will. The only real selling point that
might work is the shorter lines, but that's still a limited appeal in the
overall scheme of things, at least in the planning stage for people.
Instead, they should promote what they uniquely have to offer.

And I don't think that we, as enthusiasts, should try to tear down either
side of this useless debate. The best thing to do is to try to promote
what you like about the parks you like. But telling people that they're
crazy for liking what they like is a bad technique for convincing people
to go to your favorite parks or type of park.

Luckily, I rarely have to make the decisions between traditional and large
parks. Usually my park-going is based more on logistics than anything
else. When I plan my trips, I try to go to ANY park in the area that has
a decent coaster. Admittedly, I might be willing to drive further for a
big park with coasters that I know I'll love -- or for a traditional park
that is truly a beloved one among enthusiasts.

I took two coaster tours last year. With the geographic logistics of the
trips, one turned out to be primarily big corporate theme parks (WoF, KK,
PKI, SFSL, SFGAm), while the other was mostly traditional parks
(Kennywood, Lakemont, Blands, Conneaut, Waldameer, Williams Grove, Dutch
Wonderland, Idlewild, Coney Island, Rye's). But I managed to hit some of
the other type of park in each trip: Americana and Holiday World in the
midwest, Hershey and Dorney in PA. And even on my short trips I managed
to mix and match park types. Going to SFGAdv for their Coaster
Celebration 3, I took a side trip to the Ocean City and Wildwood piers.
And my trip to Knoebels for the PPPPP also stopped me at Dorney and
Riverside. And it wasn't because I wanted to support the types of parks
in question (though I DID buy all-day ride tickets at the traditional
parks, even when we only had time to take a few rides, to give them
support.) I truly WANTED to visit these parks!

And when it comes to local parks, my decisions are more often based on the
logistics of the situation: distance, who I'm going with, how much time I
have vs. what the lines will be like, etc. I visited Riverside -- now a
big corporate park -- twice last year, both times in the off-season when
lines would be shorter. And I visited Canobie Lake and Funtown --
traditional parks -- twice each last year. In all but one case, I had
specifically planned to go to the park in question. The one exception was
mid-afternoon one day in the Summer, when I convinced a friend that we'd
have more fun getting multiple rides on the excellent Excalibur (ooohhh, a
new alliterative nickname!) at Funtown that we would waiting FOREVER in
line at Riverside and getting only 3-5 rides in by the time we got there
with 3-4 hours of driving. While he was initially skeptical, after we got
there, he agreed that I was right.

My one lament for this past season (ironically, given the subject of this
thread) is that I didn't make it to Whalom Park last year. But
ultimately, that was completely do the logistics of my not having a car
and working on the weekends when most of my enthusiast friends are going.
But I WILL get there somehow next season!

And let me say for the record that I had tons of fun at ALL the parks I

On Mon, 4 Jan 1999 12:40:48 -0400, Richard Bonner <ak621@chebucto.ns.ca>

>Dan MacKellar (DMackellar@NOSPAMlonet.ca) wrote:
>: Man, it seems like I do this every year...
>: I have always been, and continue to be, an ardent supporter
>: of Traditional parks. As an example, the only 3 theme parks
>: I can say I've been at are PCWo, PKI and WDW. Yet I've
>: been to all save 2 of PA's traditionals and Americana. I have
>: been to several other large parks, but last year I only hit PCWo
>: and Dorney. I also went to Knoebels and Lakemont (after driving
>: nearly 500 miles out of my way to see Lincoln Park - twice)
>: Why one needs a large theme park to keep them
>: occupied for a day is beyond me.
>: Regrards,
>: Dan MacKellar
>*** While I understand where Dan is coming from and wish more would
>support traditional parks, I have room in my park likes/dislikes for both.
>Too many people go to a small park or carnival and lament that it isn't
>(insert big-name park here). I don't go someplace for what it doesn't
>offer; I go for what it does. Dan's list that I snipped gives excellent
>examples of what a small park or carnival has to offer.
> On the other hand I DO enjoy the big themers as well. I usually plan to
>go on days when the crowds are likely low, but don't lament when I do
>stand in long lines. I always plan 2 or more days at parks like this and
>go to the lesser-liked rides and attractions when the lines at the popular
>ones get too long. Although I don't like lomg lines, I do use the time to
>strike up friendships with my fellow queue'rs to the point where a lot of
>time has passed and I haven't even noticed because I've been absorbed in
> I like the mega rides and shows that the big parks offer, but I have
>just as much fun at a small park or carnival, even those that are less
>clean and maintained. I know what to expect at both types of parks and
>prepare for it - in fact I usually relish it because I expect it and
>consider it part and parcel to my visit.
> I liken it to shopping on Christmas Eve. I EXPECT a line to get into
>the parking lot. I EXPECT a line to get into the mall and trouble getting
>through the corridors. I EXPECT lines to get into the stores, I EXPECT
>having to wait to get at the merchandise. I EXPECT a line at the cash
>register, and I EXPEXCT a line to get out of the mall and parking lot. I
>LOVE going to the mall on Christmas Eve to watch all the frustrated
>shoppers, because I am calm and collected because I have expect what I'll
>likely get and live with it.
> Now I don't expect everyone to have this attitude, but I don't let
>lines ruin my fun at a park (obnoxious patrons aside). There are usually
>other attractions with which to occupy my time if the lines are really
>long. Finally, I must comment that just as there are good things at
>traditionals that the biggies don't have, there are good things at the
>big parks that the traditionals don't have. I enjoy both.

Postby dptalon135 » Mon Nov 03, 2003 11:55 pm

This forum is for discussing Dorney Park, and it's getting cluttered with these posts. This is more appropriate in one of the already existing threads.
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