2010? The whole reason for my dark ride complaints

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2010? The whole reason for my dark ride complaints

Postby rwk » Thu Nov 06, 2003 2:08 am

Can you picture the park in 2010? I can see it now, some 400 tall coaster in the vietnam memorial land, the Dorney house gone, Thunderhawk (I talked with a guy at the park and he claims T-Hawk may eventually be torn down but why since it will be the only wooden coaster in the park) But, on the bright side I see perhaps HalloWeekends as big as Cedar Point, perhaps a new indoor theater that has been talked about elsewhere, and more gentle rides for adults, they need a few more gentle rides for wussies that won't ride coasters or fast spin and pukes like Musik Express like me. Bumper Cars, Carousels, Train Rides, Car Rides like Road Rally, are my favorite 'gentle rides' at the park. and Thunder Canyon, and any water ride that is not a slide (except Riptide Run) at Wildwater. Dorney is getting pretty expensive, though in both season passes and food. I won't get started on dark rides again, but those are my favorite type of ride because unlike outdoor rides, they take you into a mystery, outside of your normal environment, when I saw a dark ride for the first time I'd wonder "what is behind those double doors that the cars crash into"? And I like haunted and spooky stuff, I like to be scared. I used to be scared of them when I was younger but I'm brave now. If I want to ride dark rides today I'll simply go down to Bushkill for my dark ride fix, or travel to a park with dark rides with my family. In order to do that, I need to pester my mom in the spring that I want to go on a summer vacation, and my mom says 'if we can afford it' or we take a shorter trip. I don't drive and I live at home, the same one since I was born. So, my personal freedom is limited. I am currently unemployed since 2000. That is my whole reason for my complaints about Dorney getting rid of dark rides, that is my only park, besides Bushkill 15 miles away, and needing to travel to parks with dark rides as part of a once-per summer, vacation. The closest parks with dr's besides Bushkill are 80 miles in either direction, either Knoebels or NJ shore or Coney Island. Seeing some of those other parks like Waldameer or Playland NY on web sites makes me wish I could move to Erie, PA or New York, NY. But, that's impossible for me.

Postby DorneyDante » Thu Nov 06, 2003 1:29 pm

O lord I think we have finally realized the problem here. You say you are in your late twenties and you don't have a driver's license AND you live at home with you parents? Say no more, I finally get it.
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How bout it

Postby JtotheMurphy » Thu Nov 06, 2003 2:46 pm

Hey DorneyDante, HOW BOUT IT!
As I read all of this I cringed and those same sentences. Yeah, blame Dorney and Cedarfair for your lack of motivation and inability to do something with yourself.

Bill Tracy dark rides

Postby rwk » Thu Nov 06, 2003 3:27 pm

Yes, I'd be perfectly happy if I had one of the dark rides featured on http://www.laffinthedark.com a mile from my house. But, that is not the case. Go visit that site and look at "The Haunted House" at Trimper's Ocean City for example. That is my favorite kind of dark ride, the old wooden ones built in 1960's. Ironically, when that haunted house was built in Ocean City, MD, in 1962 that was the same year the Mill Chute was turned into the Journey by the same man, Bill Tracy who built that haunted house, as well as the pretzel ride becoming the Pirate's Cove in 1962, the same ride that was renamed Bucket O' Blood in 70's. Bill Tracy died in early 70's before I was born, about 73, so his dark ride work is irreplaceable. A bunch of Bill Tracy-built dark rides have been lost to fire, or torn down since his death. He was from Cape May, NJ near the amusement ride capital of Wildwood, NJ. He built some dark rides in Wildwood, all gone. Also, the Pretzel dark ride company of Bridgeton, NJ that originally built the Dorney Pirate/Bucket o' Blood dark ride in 1930's and the Bushkill Haunted Pretzel went out of business in 1979. But, you will see on Laff in the dark web site that several Bill Tracy and Pretzel dark rides are still operating in the US. Some out west, some in the south, and some here in the northeast. Reason I like Bill Tracy dark rides is because of all the unique and wacky halls and rooms, and day-glo paint. Oh, well may dark rides long live at those other parks. The Boo Hill house reminds me of those old Bill Tracy day-glo paint fun houses.

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