Cool moments & experiences from the Haunt

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Cool moments & experiences from the Haunt

Postby Hooky965 » Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:39 pm

I've only been working at the park for a few weeks during the Haunt, but I've had a few very cool experiences that I wanted to share. I also invite both guests and employees who post here to do the same as well.

The number one thing is a strange but cool happenstance that I notice at nearly the same point every night at the park, but the first time that I became aware of it was the most striking. On the first Haunt weekend, the park closed early on Sunday night due to heavy rain. I was walking up the hill towards Hydra and the clouds started to break a little. Soon, the upper part of the park was bathed in the orange glow of a sunset, with heavy clouds still lingering immediately above. I noticed a familiar but haunting vocal song on the park's sound system. It was the Simon & Garfunkle song "the sound of silence" being sung Gregorian chant-style (later I found out that the actual name of the performers was can google this group & song and hear it for yourself). The song's tone & meaning were very striking in that setting, as I looked out at an abandoned amusement park which was bathed in that eerie glow. I actually smiled because the moment itself was so incredibly cool. Since then, I've noticed that this particular song seems to come up in the rotation as we are finishing with the park sweep and everything is very dark and still in the park. I don't know who decided to put that song on the Haunt soundtrack, but I'm very glad that they did. This memory will stay with me for a very long time.
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