Hey Dante look at this

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Hey Dante look at this

Postby rwk » Sat Jan 03, 2004 3:15 am

http://www.ridezone.com/opparks/P/willi ... rove02.htm
Scroll down. There's a dark ride with your name on it, "Dante's Inferno". In fact that ride is similar in a way to the dark ride that was at Dorney until fall 1983 (You were one so you won't remember it much). It burned down. Dorney's dated back to the 1930's, Bob Ott the former owner from 1967-1984 operated that same dark ride in 1937 it was the first ride he operated. Devil's Cave mid 30s-1961, Pirate's Cove 1962-1975, Bucket O' Blood 1975-1983. It was located between the Tilt A Whirl and the Sea Dragon, approx. where the Musik Express has been since 1984, the front faced Tilt, the same side as the Iceberg front, just up the hill from the Iceberg. The beginning featured 2 sets of crash doors, then this http://dafe.org/events/2002/ws-20020614-26.jpg a rotating tunnel exactly like that, then a room with pirate scenes, then I think a hallway of large bones like a rib cage. then toward the end, a jungle scene I think, then an air horn blew in your ear just before you banged the last set of double doors, emerging outside at the exit. I was 9 and under when I rode it with my mom, brother and father (he died in Mar 86). My father was a Bethlehem Steel worker. Beth Steel Corp. was officially dissolved this Jan 1st since International Steel Group formed in 2002 now owns all of former Beth Steel's assets except the home plant which is shut down and due for redevelopment. It was a long painful decline for the Steel in Bethlehem. The blast furnaces shut down 1995, coke works, 1998 and for the first time in 100 years, steelmaking was over in Bethlehem. I still miss my father. He never saw Laser, or Herc, since those came past his death. I don't think dptalon135 saw original carousel 1932-1983 or dark ride either, since those were gone before his birth. He must have been born after my father's death. Quite a paradox there. It was impossible for my father to ride Laser, and impossible for Josh to have ridden the PTC carousel. (I did)

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