Hey everyone look at this-Dorney dark ride site

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Hey everyone look at this-Dorney dark ride site

Postby rwk » Thu Jan 08, 2004 3:46 am

http://www.laffinthedark.com/articles/d ... orney1.htm This was just put up. Finally a good site about Dorney's former and sadly missed dark rides. I experienced them all except Whacky Shack, it burned a month before my birth, Dec 1973, I was born Jan 14, 1974. The Bucket O' Blood burned before some of your births, Sept. 1983 along with the original PTC carousel built 1916 came to Dorney Park 1932, at current Dominator area.
Some errors, the Iceberg didn't burn in the 83 fire but survived through the 80's and was changed to the Meteorite in 1990 and painted black as some of you may remember. It was removed 1994, the last old dark ride to leave the park. Also, the Journey wasn't removed 2001 as they say on the site, but after 1992. Cedar Fair wanted it gone quick. I doubt CF would have kept it until 2001. We all know that there's just a fenced in bare spot next to the Thunderhawk since 1993. The Bucket O' Blood was located by the Tilt-A-Whirl, where the Musik Express and Games are now since 1984, the front of the dark ride faced the Tilt, same side and up the hill from the Iceberg. It dated back to the 30's. But, nothing lasts forever in this world. I should just accept change and enjoy what is left of old Dorney like the Whip, Zephyr, etc. and be thankful there's haunted houses at HalloWeekends, even though it's only October, not all summer like the past dark rides. Waldameer Park in Erie, PA still has a walk thru Pirate's Cove and ride thru Whacky Shack. I must get out there someday. Other parks with dark rides are on that site. Cedar Point had a Pirate Ride, next to the Blue Streak. I rode it 20+ times on my visit to CP in 95, my only visit. It was like an old Pretzel dark ride. It came to CP in 1967 from Freedomland, NY now defunct since late 60's. Another dark ride Earthquake from Freedomland closed at CP in 1985 for Berenstain Bear Country, now Snoopy's Boutique. Pirate Ride was closed and removed from the building 1997 for an arcade and storage room. I guess there was a valid reason for CF to close old dark rides at its parks.

Postby DorneyDante » Thu Jan 08, 2004 4:18 pm

Awesome site! thanx rwk

Still no interior photos of Journey! darn darn Someone gotta have some.

Postby rwk » Mon Jan 26, 2004 11:11 pm

I have some interior photos of Journey plus the lift and drop all from the front of the boat. Someone from Allentown took them in 1980s and I got them on Ebay. They're copies, he sold the Journey set a few times. I also have more photos showing various park scenes in the 1980s from the same guy. Also several photos taken in 1972 or 1973. There's a few other sets I didn't win, including rare photos of the inside of the old Thunderhawk building and inside the Journey loading platform area, and inside the old Zephyr tunnel that used to be where the Laser is now, the tunnel was removed when the zoo was torn down and Laser went in in 1986. It had scenes from the old Mill Chute before Journey in it, like Pinnochio, Popeye, etc. They should build a new tunnel for the Zephyr, it seems they removed all tunnels from rides, Thunderhawk, too. I mean Knoebel's train ride still has a tunnel and so does the Phoenix.

Postby sfnitro230 » Tue Jan 27, 2004 8:31 am

Remember, we at DPO would be glad if you could scan in or take pictures of any old park memorabelia. You will be credited.

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