Waterpark and Attendance Questions

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Waterpark and Attendance Questions

Postby rwk » Mon Jan 12, 2004 8:12 pm

I read somewhere that Wildwater is one of the best waterparks in the nation. Is it the big rides, or 2 parks for one price, or clean park, or top rated waterpark that increased attendance overall since Steel Force debut? The demographics are 2% to 3% persons over 50, and probably 90% young married families w/kids under 15 and teens by themselves and in groups. Is that true? I do see lots of underage in the park. But, very few people my own age (30) that are unmarried.

From another site:
The average human being runs on the same exact cycle. Child, teenager, young adult, parent, grandparent. Children typically love amusement parks, but on average are not likely to be the most frequent visitors to the park. That would depend on the parents and their own interest in using amusement parks as a part of the family experience. But, it is at this stage that future park usage is normally determined per region, meaning...

During the teenage stage the parents lose influence and other teenagers take over. If a particular region did not see a lot of children at its park, then not many teenagers will follow suit. There has to be a set of teenagers within each group who were accustomed to visiting parks that will bring the rest of group to the park. This is a key stage to the park.

The young adult stage is normally one where a person is less likely to visit a park, unless he or she is an enthusiast. How many groups of teenagers do you see during a park visit? How many groups of twentysomethings?

The parent stage is essentially like starting over. This time, you have more control over if and how often parks are incorporated into family life. And the cycle begins again. As for the grandparent stage, well I know how important grandparents are, but for this example I'm afraid their influence is minimal.

So what does this all mean to the industry? It means that a park is somewhat dependent on the general definition of its locale's population. If its in a location where the largest group is the young adult group, then they'll be likely to be in a down cycle until these young adults have families. This isn't a large influence on the general cycle of the industry, but it is something that shouldn't be ignored in this discussion. Of course, if other factors force the industry to be in a downward cycle when the bulk of the local population is in the critical teenage stage, then the negative influence on the park's success will be more apparent. The opposite is also true.

Postby DEVILDAN2000 » Mon Jan 12, 2004 9:27 pm

In my opinion, its a few reasons. A) The waterpark is always very clean, if u notice the garbage cans are located bout every 15 feet apart, even in the quene lines at certain areas. B) The price is an incredible deal, 2 parks for the price of one. With its nearby comeption(SFGA) having hurricane harbor costing seperate, it makes sense to go out to WWK. C) The park itself is also rating good, so makes sense that the waterpark should be to.

Postby PepsiFan01 » Tue Jan 13, 2004 8:57 am

The waterpark is always crowded for several reasons. On hot days, it is obviously the best place to cool off. Two parks for the price of one is a great deal. There is no other park around here with as many water rides as Wildwater. It's clean, safe, and fun for people of all ages. There is a nice balance of kiddie rides and more dynamic thrilling water rides. As for the types of people that come to the park, rwk, there are all types: married, unmarried, families, teens, older folks. There are so many diverse groups and people, and it's great to see, because it shows everyone can find something they enjoy by coming to the waterpark.
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