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Re: Free Parking

Postby dorneydude » Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:08 pm

1) we will see how long the up in revenue that bottom line or gross?

2) A stated, we eliminated 2 passes this year. I put my money where my mouth is.

3) I do not do WWK...mostly because I could not get there after work since it closes so early. (8pm was bad enough, then 7pm and all bets are off come August) I can not say what knoebels offers as far as water rides...they may have none...not sure. I know they have a popular huge pool area. Perhaps I am thus biased since I really am comparing *DP* to *Knoebeles*. You win that one I guess.

4) Comparing Knoebels to DP...Knoebels does not have a steel giant..or a loopper..I give you that. They do have some kick a$$ woodies though. That have several dark rides. The have a few odd things unique to them...that ski lift thing for one. That have old time rides that DP has cleared out long ago. They beat DP when it comes to flats. Best of all they have bumper cars. If DP is better..its not by much in my book. Id go so far as to say DP wins by proximiety. I wish Knoebels were 30 minutes would be interesting to see the competition.

5) I am not saying DP is not a value. I am simply saying its value has degraded with rising prices and nothing new to offer.....again, my bias against WWK withstanding.
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Re: Free Parking

Postby The Revenge » Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:45 pm

I can see where you are coming from now. If you do not do Wildwater Kingdom and only get the chance to go after work, ya it probably isn't worth it unless you get to experience the entire park for what it is worth. Those who get to experience the season pass for its full worth, ya it is not unreasonable but in your situation I can understand better why the rise in price might raise issues for you. I just don't think it is really the park to blame. Ya know, it sucks you don't get the full value of the season pass but it is not necessarily Dorney Park's fault is all I am saying.
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