Beware of thieves

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Beware of thieves

Postby Jamaxiu » Sat Jun 14, 2014 7:52 pm

My son left his phone at Hydra ride and when we get back to the boxes the phone was gone. :shock: The DP personnel did not know what to do so they call security guy. After waiting about 30min the guy show up and he wrote the report that phone was "lost". No details how it happen. Then I was told to go to LOST and FOUND (for what?). I asked for security manager so maybe he is able to pull footage (there are at lest 4 security cameras around boxes). Sorry for my hope - they dont have time to check them out. He said that later he will check the recordings - but then I think: how he will recognize my son (who put the phone into box) since he doesnt have the photo of my son. They dont give a sh.t about ur property. The easy way is put the sign that they are not responsible for lost property. I call South Whithall police and reported stolen phone - the officer told me that it was his 4th time someone lost the phone on Hydra (since nobody gives a sh.t - maybe this is done by DP personnel - they only have an access when we ride). I wonder if this is the easiest way to get hands on someone phones? Since nobody cares why do not continue this procedure.

I'm looking for a way to go after DP authorities. They needs to do something to have our stuff better protected - it is not too difficult.

Re: Beware of thieves

Postby Hooky965 » Sat Jun 14, 2014 11:49 pm

I think that the title of your post is appropriate not only in Dorney Park, but virtually everywhere. Unfortunately there are those in our society who do things like this, especially when valuables are left in a seemingly safe place (which I assume from your post would be the boxes next to the loading platform. I think that what you're saying is true...there are signs on these boxes which state that the park is not responsible for lost/stolen items from these boxes. While it may seem like an easy out for the park in cases like this, I think that it's important to understand why this sign is there. The primary job of the employees on the ride platform is to ensure the safety of the riders and those who are waiting to ride. I don't think that it's reasonably possible to ask them to take stock of what is put into those boxes and monitor who deposits and takes things out of those boxes in addition to having the responsibility of their primary job: Safety. Thousands of riders that pass through the gates on Hydra, or any other ride in the park on a given day, and the ride operators are there to make sure that they safely enjoy the ride.

I don't think that the park employees or management "don't care" if a guest loses a possession or if one is stolen from them in this manner. Part of the enjoyment experience for guests in the park is to come out with what you came in with, however I think that comes with some stipulations. The park can't plan for every situation, and when they recognize it, they do their best to make you informed about it....which brings us back to the signs. Basically, the signs are there to make sure that guests know that there are risks involved in leaving valuables behind in the boxes on the platform.

Please understand that I get what you're saying. I'm a parent too, and my kids have phones just like yours, and I'd want them to think about protecting them from potentially being thrown or dropped from their pocket while on the ride. In that situation, I've told my kids that if they can't secure a valuable, put it out of sight (in a bag or backpack) which would make it less obvious. I don't know if this happened in your case or not, but it's at least one way to make the target a little harder for a potential thief to see. I know this doesn't help you now, but it might be something to consider if they didn't do that in this case.
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Re: Beware of thieves

Postby Jamaxiu » Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:16 am

Yes it is about these cabinets right at the rides. Sorry that it was not clear but I was also posting response for one of the posts where someone described that this is a cheap and safe way to store your belongings.

I myself, I was shocked that my son left a phone in such a place. I personally, I left mine in the car and so my daughter did. But later I began to look at the other kids and they also did the same. Mobile phones without any bags landed in those cabinets.

I wanted to start this thread to made aware others (parents and kids) that it may happen to them if they also think that those cabinets are safe places.

We in everyday life we live in a quiet neighborhood where we dont have to lock cars for the night, where kids leave bicycles in front of houses. The kid goes to DP as it has the feeling of going to a place of entertainment, where the staff suposed to guard the park so nothing should happened and ride cabinets supossed to be safe places to leave their stuff.

My biggest anger falls not on the DP employees who should theoretically watch those cabinets. They are just kids the age of my son - and perhaps this is their first job out of life. They do not know what might happen and since the park looks like does not have proper procedures for employees - they are not aware of what they have to watch for...

As for me, the security staff is the one who I blaming for doing nothing. They have tools, they have footage of the suspect, they could do something about it - but why - if it is just negligible social crime and DP claims lack of responsibility. They said that they do not have the time to check to recording - but when I was waited outside for the arrival of the police, I have seen the same security guys - standing at the parking lot outside and did NOTHING. Yes, they were too busy to do something. Or maybe this is organized crime and they just cover each other...

I'm just happy that it was just dumb phone. One hour planned Saturday trip to DP ended up with 3hours not nice adventure (1h inside part waiting for security, 1h before police wrote the report and 1h dealing with ATT to block the phone and get new one). Next time it could happen that the wallet get stollen and a week later we would have woken up by the news that someone has stolen my sons identity.

So be aware - there are thieves in DP and dot be fulled - DP will not help you to recover your property...

Re: Beware of thieves

Postby strwrse1 » Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:00 am

Don't blame security. They do their job. They look out for all patrons. Yes to you a lost phone seems like the end of the world, but in the day to day runnings of a large business like an amusement park, this is a "petty crime". There are much larger things happening such as theft of property from shops and food stands as well as fights that break out more than you realize. As an employee for 5 years, I value the security for keeping not only the patrons safe, but the employees as well as they have helped countless times. Please consider this when you think that your phone can easily be replaced, but other things may not.
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Re: Beware of thieves

Postby MarinersMunchies » Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:55 pm

Sounds like you should hold your son a little more accountable.

Re: Beware of thieves

Postby coasterluver » Mon Jun 16, 2014 9:00 am

I think it is extremely unfortunate that this is an issue we have to deal with, and I'm glad you brought it up. I'm extremely surprised that security didn't actually check the camera footage for you. Thats something fairly easy to do I'm sure and would help tremendously in the efforts. At the same rate, like strwrse1 said, it is considered a "petty crime". In the eyes of security, they are more concerned with life-threatening or safety threatening issues, such as fights, alcohol, drugs, etc. Now, I know you mentioned something about the guards standing in the parking lot doing nothing, but are you sure they weren't at Bag Check? Or if not, it could have been that they were discussing another, higher priority issue?

I'm not trying to downplay your situation, or say that security didn't do anything wrong because they really could have checked the footage easily, I'm just saying that there is the possibility that there was a real reason to why they were treating your situation as a petty crime. And on another note, the park could always just get rid of the storage bins all together and force everyone to buy lockers! Win some and lose some.

Now, to help anyone reading from preventing this from happening, I do want to share some tips that I have found to be useful at not only the park but anywhere to help prevent theft. 1st, like mentioned earlier, don't leave your phone or other valuables in plain sight. Thieves are looking for something they can take easily without anyone noticing. If they have to scrounge around just to see if your phone is in your bag, they are much less likely to take it as opposed to a phone just sitting out in the open.

Secondly, be sure to have a phone tracking application installed. I know iPhone comes with the "find my iPhone tool", and android has plenty in the play store. I personally have a Samsung Galaxy S5, and I find the best app to be, "Where's My Droid". With it I can track my phones location, remotely lock it, get notified if the SIM card is taken out, and even take secret photos using the cameras on the phone. Having these apps installed and configured can be a real life saver, since it would eliminate the need for security to even look at the footage, you can honestly just show exactly where the phone is in the park. Hopefully those tips help!

Re: Beware of thieves

Postby Hooky965 » Mon Jun 16, 2014 11:28 pm

Solid stuff C-luver.

I can only speak of my limited time as a member of park security, so please don't view what I have to say as being more than an observation. The #1 responsibility of park security is the safety of park guests. The #1-A responsibility is the safety of park employees. The #2 responsibility is the security of park property. Everything else falls in line behind that, and I think that probably includes guest property.

I think that it is probably worth mentioning that while it may seem simple to analyze the footage to find who may have taken the phone, it's probably not that simple. It likely involves someone sitting down and analyzing at least 8 ride cycles to maybe...maybe be able to see the action. Bear in mind that there are a large number of people cycling off the platform, so being able to actually identify when the phone was lifted may actually be fairly difficult. Even if that is possible, and they are able to see the act, I think that it's likely that the cameras aren't exactly high definition, so at best you have a blurry image of someone taking the phone.

Where does that leave you?

Do you wind up comparing that footage with other footage gleaned from other cameras around the park to get a better picture of the subject? Even if you do that and are able to get such a picture, what do you do with it? Turn it over to South Whitehall Township Police? Probably....and then what? They file it away and the case is never heard from again. This after many hours of employee time are spent in the quest and as I'm sure you are aware, this is time not spent on other tasks.

I just don't think that it's realistic to expect that this kind of effort and level of resources be devoted to a stolen phone. I don't mean to be harsh or show a lack of compassion towards the situation, but please understand that the resources available in the park do have limitations.

I think that it's also worth mentioning that if the situation warrants, these same resources can and do effectively come to bear to protect the things that I have mentioned previously in this post. I have seen and been a part of that firsthand.
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Re: Beware of thieves

Postby 80'sOpsChick » Wed Jun 18, 2014 5:53 pm

With all due respect, I think your expectations are a bit unrealistic. They post signs everywhere in big letters saying they are not responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged. it's also on their park maps and website. There's no question that they had made their position quite clear to you and your son long before you even had a loss. Even if they did pull up the video, and got a glimpse of who it was, how in the world are they going to track down that one person in a sea of thousands and thousands of people? Are you going to expect all the gate employees and security guards to eyeball every single person who leaves the gate, and question every possible suspect? Search their bags? Frisk them? Honestly, play the scenario out in your mind. It's virtually impossible, it's a needle in a haystack.

Sometimes the lessons that life doles out to ourselves and our children are worth more that the material cost of what was lost. Turn this into a teachable moment for your son. Hold him accountable. Make him work off the cost, or at least, make him call the insurance company himself to file the claim. Don't just buy him a new phone, he'll see no value in it and will lose it again. And if you really don't lock your car doors at night, I strongly suggest that you start, because it's only a matter of time before you fall victim to some petty thief who stumbles onto your juicy neighborhood. And I'm not sure which message board you can join to complain about that.

Re: Beware of thieves

Postby bixmark » Mon Aug 11, 2014 11:21 am

It should also be noted that Dorney Park has some of the nicest areas to leave things of most parks I have visited. Dorney's platform bins all have doors the attendants close as a train leaves the station so people on the next train can only access their belongings and not yours. Several parks simply have a single bin or side area everyone throws their stuff into from all trains, no separate shelves or separate areas for each train. Others, to eliminate park liability, do not allow any thing to be left. For several years Great Adventure forbid leaving anything, or taking anything with you, including their own refillable drink bottles. If you had a backpack, glasses, phone, drink bottle, etc you had a to buy a locker or have a friend to leave things with. If you went through a line and got to the coaster with an item not allowed on the train you either had to trow it in a trash can that they did not allow anyone to remove things from or leave the line, buy a locker, and wait in line all over again. And yes, I saw them throw away a number of drink bottles and other belongings people had. Today they have stands to put drink bottles in, but not much space for other things. So the fact that Dorney provides large storage areas, with shelves for each person, and a separate closable area for each train really is a luxury. One we all need to be aware still has risks associated with it. But a luxury many other parks do not provide and that we should appreciate.

Re: Beware of thieves

Postby Hayley » Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:17 am

MarinersMunchies wrote:Sounds like you should hold your son a little more accountable such as this review about the Crazy Bulk.

Yeah, it sucks but you can't go leaving something like a phone unattended and not expect one person out of the crowd to pocket it.

I have found Dorney pretty safe and everyone seems quite nice when I went so I don't see theft being a huge problem.
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Re: Beware of thieves

Postby dorneydude » Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:47 pm

Unless DP has some explicit rule that says no phones allowed I really can’t blame them. He should have stuck it in his pants. To be honest I am surprised he parted with his phone to begin with…its almost an appendage for kids. Now if DP REQUIRES the cell phone to be left behind, then they are responsible for offering a secure location OR making it clear all phones should be left in the car upon arrival.
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