Haunt VIII

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Haunt VIII

Postby dorneyflynn » Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:12 pm

Mind as well start this topic. What would you like to see? What would you like to be removed? What needs improvements? Also if it was to be expanded, where would i be expanded (new buildings for mazes, new areas for scare zones, etc.)
Personally, I think nothing should be added to the lineup for 2015. I like the pattern dorney has going with adding attractions to Haunt like in 2012, we saw a big expansion with three new attractions, 2013 was the year of improving all the attractions, 2014, like 2012 saw the expansion of 3 new attractions, and now 2015 should have improvements.
The attraction that needs the biggest improvement is Cut Throat Island. I think it should be bigger and with more props other than the ship. Maybe it could go all the way towards the exit of CornStalkers?
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Re: Haunt VIII

Postby jscll » Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:13 pm

The first haunt attraction that comes to mind that I think needs a revamp is Corn Stalkers. The first thing I would change If I were in charge is to change the direction of travel. This would allow Corn Stalkers to use Thunder Canyon's queue line (go in Thunder Canyon's entrance, receive the riot act at the turnstile, proceed out the special access entrance). This would allow Corn Stalkers to be extended, running from Thunder Canyon's special access entrance, all the way past the locker building to the water park entrance. A unique feature of Thunder Canyon's queue area is that it has an unusable fifth switchback area. This extra area could be set in the middle for monster access reasons.

The Cedar Creek Cannonball could be used as a haunt attraction again. (This would create a small break in Corn Stalkers theming for the train crossing, but overall, I do not think it is a big deal.) If the props were properly designed, this could double as an additional Boo Blast attraction.

It would be nice to see the Good Time Theater used in the fall again. Four things are critical for a show to work in the theater:
1. The show must have a decent budget.
2. Special effects are a must.
3. The show needs to be something not like anything they tried before.
4. The show need to be advertised better. (More than just the name of the show.)

This may be just a dream on my part, but I would love to see Dorney copy Knott's Berry farm's "Special Ops: Infected". This could put into the currently unused space in the water park (the area not used by Blood Shed or Boo Blast). If you have no idea what Special Ops: Infected is, hopefully these links will help:
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Re: Haunt VIII

Postby dorneyflynn » Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:13 pm

im always worried that the park will get rid of cornstalkers. it just needs some upgrades.
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Re: Haunt VIII

Postby Hooky965 » Thu Nov 20, 2014 11:28 pm

Agreed. Good thoughts on how to freshen it up, however I think that part of the draw of the attraction is that it is close to the park entrance. It's highly visible, and for those who don't work back to front (and I don't understand why anyone wouldn't), it becomes first on the hit list as a result. I have to say again, that I love the idea, mainly because I have a soft spot for that attraction (I wound up working there frequently). I hope it doesn't go away or get re-themed to the point that it loses what it is/was.
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