Could Hercules Have Benefited Dorney or Another Park?

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Could Hercules Have Benefited Dorney or Another Park?

Postby XxShinjiSaoxX » Sat Mar 06, 2004 8:00 pm

I think that despite Hercules' flaws that the coaster could have been preserved and re-circuited. It's not like it's unheard off, i mean the coaster had almost 2 decades of running and i think the life could have been prolonged had they just used it for another coaster. Or better yet, use the wood for building the frames that are in the park for the "YOU ARE HERE MAPS" you know? just my opinion. after all, i haven't been there since 1999 :o) it'd be cool if they had mentioned that the wood was used from Hercules .. it was my first rollercoaster. well .. little laser and the dragon coaster were .. but hercules was my first one and steel force my second. i have never rode Laser but i did remember being thrilled after going on Thunderhawk. Pardon me for getting of subject, but benches and things that people use could be constructed from original parts of Hercules. Maybe using some of the original cars for park goers to take pictures in? Be creative Dorney!! :D 8) The posibilities are ENDLESS


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