Happy 12th Cedar Fair Birthday to Dorney!

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Happy 12th Cedar Fair Birthday to Dorney!

Postby DorneyMan88 » Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:12 pm

On this day 12 years ago (July 22, 1992) CF bought Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom for 48 million dollars! I think CF has done a great deal of improvement to Dorney. Not only have they added awesome marque attractions such as Dominator, Steel Force, and Talon, but much refurbishing has been done turning DP into what I believe is the most up-to-date park and has some of the best landscaping for a park IMO. It will be neat to see what CF will do with DP in the next few years, considering almost all of the park is new (except for the Gold Mine Building and parts of the Laser Midway) and they can now focus most of their capital expenditures on new rides.
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