Your First time at Dorney Park? How was it and when?

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Your First time at Dorney Park? How was it and when?

Postby DEVILDAN2000 » Fri Jul 25, 2003 7:07 pm

Well my first time to Dorney was in 93. Ahh the old days of Rock and Grass Parking lots, Wildwater Kindgom was seperate addmission, hercules was still a record holder and had actual lines for the ride, and the old boat ride on the river! When they removed that ride, i think they removed the last think that stood for old Dorney Park's Charm, except for the whip of corse, they'll never get ride of that. Anyway, we were coming back from Hershey Park, and noticed roller coasters on the left side of the Highway. So we(my family) decided, "hey that park is closer" and when we got there, the lines were much better than the growing Six Flags Great Adventure. And I've been going to Dorney at least 3 times a year since.

Postby dptalon135 » Sat Jul 26, 2003 5:21 am

I first went to Dorney in 2000 after moving to within 45 minutes of the park, after living in the land where everyone had only heard of SFGAdv for so many years. Though I missed seeing any of the old Dorney Park, I have enjoyed watching the huge growth of landscaping and foliage over the past few years. I think the park is starting to look very nice, and it will be even better when some of the new trees grow more.
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Postby sfnitro230 » Sat Jul 26, 2003 7:22 pm

My first time at Dorney was when dptalon135 took me there in the summer of 2000. It was also where I rode my first real roller coaster (Thunderhawk).

Postby DorneyDante » Tue Jul 29, 2003 3:16 pm

My very first time at Dorney was sometime in the very early eighties. Unfortunately, because I was too young, I can't share any stories. I can tell terrific stories about the mid-late eighties as a kid growing up and going to Dorney. Ah the days of the meteorite, separate admission to Wildwater Kingdom, bright yellow thunderhawk,the grass parking lot (which is now the midway), Journey to the Center of the Earth, the red and white Laser, which was then called the Laser 104.5 (the radio station 104.5 was a sponsor of Dorney Park. They also used to play that radio station on the Laser). Oh yeah, don't forget marathon rides on Hercules. Out and down the exit ramp, around the tank tag boats and right back on the Hercules platform, repeat several times. Also remember that Hercules used to kick major you know what back then. The ride attendents also used to do this silly thing with their hands. They used to make a "T" with their hands to let the ride operator know that all the restraints had been checked and that the train was ready to be dispatched. My how things change....................
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Postby rwk » Tue Sep 30, 2003 12:20 am

My first time was sometime in the late 70's! (I was born 74) Some of you weren't around then. Yes, I remember disco, (we still have old records collecting dust in a storage closet) the death of Elvis and John Lennon, the election of Ronald Reagan in 1981 as our 40th President, Reagan getting shot, almost every song from the 70's 80's, the terrible fire at Dorney Park in Sept 1983, look here for a map of "old" Dorney Park ... 97x_1.html this will help you all understand what the pre Cedar Fair, pre Wildwater Kingdom park was like. At that time Bob Ott owned the park, he sold it in 1985 just before Wildwater opened to Harris Weinstein, in 1992 Weinstein sold the park to Cedar Fair, L.P. Yes, he sold out to a corporation :cry: that event meant the "death" of the old Dorney Park and the birth of a new Park for the '90's and beyond. Bob Ott is still alive and living in a retirement community 2 miles from me, behind a K-Mart. He's in his 80's. He was at the park in August once signing the new Dorney Park book about the history of the park. Before this book I think most newbie (i.e, those visiting first time or younger people) people were oblivious to Dorney's past. I talked to him, and showed him my photo and brochure collection from 70s and 80s. Another man was with him, Wally Ely, a train enthusiast and Dorney Park visitor as a child. Look at that map. The fire started in a food stand just above the word bus. It spread to the Grande Carrousel and devoured it. Then, it spread to the Skee Ball Palace, then the Bucket O' Blood, which was a one level pirate themed pretzel dark ride. A Pretzel dark ride still operates at Bushkill Park, Easton PA, and Williams Grove, PA (near Harrisburg), and Knoebels. 1984 was the FIRST year without the pretzel dark ride and carousel since about 1935. Those two rides our parents, grandparents all grew up with, yet people visiting the park 1984 or later, or younger than 20 today knew nothing about them. I talked to this 19 yr old female employee this summer and she knew nothing of the old carousel or dark ride when I mentioned them to her. The 2 rides existed longer than they were gone, they existed for about 50 years, yet they've only been gone for 20 years. Dorney Park needs a museum to showcase the past, instead of mindlessly throwing it away.

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