Most desirable attractions to work...

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Most desirable attractions to work...

Postby dorneydude » Fri Jul 07, 2006 11:08 am

to those who work the rides....I wonder what you find to be the best reides to work. My kid will one day need a job and DP seems a good place to work. As we made our way thru the park I wondered what would be the best rides to work? DO you get assigned to just one ride or more than one? I'd think the coasters could get stressfull. The girl running the train seemed as bored as bored could be. How do you not get dizzy working the spinning rides for hours on end? The kiddie rides....seems like a headache waiting to happen. I'd think the games might be the best place. DO you get paid more to work certain areas? Do you work your way up to 'privelleged' areas? Where is least desireable?
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