Friday 5/24

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Friday 5/24

Postby phillydude » Sat May 24, 2008 5:56 am

Arrived around 11am. Spent an hour in line to buy season passes and get ID cards processed.

Entered the park at noon. Good number of bus trips, mostly middle school kids.

Rode Monster 2x (kids favorite), then Thunderhawk (younger son's first "adult" coaster), then Whip and Musik Express. Older son and I went on Hydra while younger son stood in line for food.

Just Tacos for lunch, two burrito supremes and a nachos supreme fed all three of us well for about $10. Took WAY too long to get food, however... poor service design (cashiers were also making food). Kids rode Balloon Race while I waited in line.

After lunch, kids wanted to ride White Water Landing. Not many people riding due to the seasonable weather, but we got a bit wet. Decided that we should also do Thunder Canyon since we were already "damp." That finished the job, and we were completely soaked.

Walked around for a while to dry off. Bought a sweet Alfundo t-shirt for myself and the obligatory 2008 t-shirts for the kids. Won each of them a stuffed animal (football toss and quarter pitch), but spent FAR too much money trying to win a bass guitar at the "knock the cups off the table with the air gun that shoots the baseball" game (there were a lot of people walking around with guitars, however, so it seems it CAN be done). The kids had a funnel cake while I bought the new VooDoo refillable mug for this season.

Rode the Wave Swinger, Tilt A Whirl, and Sea Dragon. Reported a couple line jumpers on the Dragon, security was there by the time the ride ended, didn't stick around to see the results but was glad that the Ride Op took action. Older son and I stood in line for VooDoo, but he bailed when we got to the loading area, so I rode it alone. Very nice ride, but I didn't feel it was a "Oh My God, That Was The Greatest Thing Ever" experience. I still like Hydra better at DP, and Superman at SFGA is my favorite coaster of all time.

Started to make our way out, rode Scrambler, and then took a quick ride on Talon with the older son since there was virtually no wait at that point. Left at 8pm, line was three times as long for season pass processing as it was when we had arrived. Looks like it will be a good (and busy) summer at DP. We're looking forward to it.

Major rides closed: Wild Mouse, Hang Time, Laser (when we arrived they were running empty trains but by the time we got back there it was shut down).
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Re: Friday 5/24

Postby MJHammer1 » Sat May 24, 2008 11:52 am

It's good to hear that Laser was testing, I hope it opens this weekend as planned. I want to stop by the park tomorrow .. I guess I'll find out then.

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Re: Friday 5/24

Postby TDO39 » Sat May 24, 2008 9:13 pm

It's likely the issue at food stand was due to lack of staffing. . .it can be brutal on these first few Friday's, during the morning/afternoon, while most of the employees are still in school. . .usually understaffed or staffed with volunteers who are anywhere from mildly helpful to lost. It will get better as high school lets out and workers are fully staffed.

Re: Friday 5/24

Postby Kozmo 1 » Sat May 24, 2008 11:20 pm

"usually understaffed or staffed with volunteers who are anywhere from mildly helpful to lost"

...don't forget hi...
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Re: Friday 5/24

Postby Bender » Wed May 28, 2008 10:44 pm

I was there on Saturday and there were lots of guitars walking around. They have a game Crazyball that they just switched over to all guitars and music T-Shirts that looks neat. There was also a football game that was quite addicting. Voodoo was a pretty cool ride and they have a slushy stand were you can mix all different flavors. Other than that not much new from last season.
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