Dorney and Hershey Trip, 6/6-6/12

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Dorney and Hershey Trip, 6/6-6/12

Postby TombraiderTy » Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:17 pm

Well, my Dad, brother, and I all headed for Pennsylvania last Friday and visited Hersheypark, Dorney Park, and even took a side-trip to Washington D.C. I'll post a short trip report of what we did in so-and-so order, than the photos. Not too much or not too fancy of a trip report, but it should do :D

We started off in Dorney on Friday at about 6:00 PM. The park entrance was very well designed and much-nicer than Kings Island's entrance. However, the entrance area, once inside the park, was terrible. It started with a few buildings that fit in with a 50's theme, then it moved onto roller coasters and rides.

Our first ride was Hydra: The Revenge, something I had been looking forwards to for some time. The first thing I noticed as we approached the entrance- gosh this thing is tiny! The videos made it seem massive while its actual size was a major disappointment. Although it was a great roller coaster, I had completely over-estimated how great it would be.

With both of those not-so-happy things out of the way, we headed to Voodoo and joined the 15 minute wait. Riding in the second row, we were very pleased with the ride, even though it was short. I'd personally rather have it instead of Firehawk- if the capacity wasn't so bad.

Thunderhawk was our next ride, which was a great surprise. The only reason I rode was for a coaster-credit, but WOW! It was amazing. Fast and intense, it had some great air-time and a wonderful setting.

I also noticed that Dorney features two unique things in their ride stations. The first is that they don't cram them tight with guests- they release group by group, always making sure the station has plenty of elbow room. A practice I'd love to see excercised at Kings Island. The other thing I noticed were the gates. Unlike Kings Island, they were not automated and had to be pushed to open. Kinda a pain.

Riding Thunderhawk again after the initial ride, we then headed for Steel Force. Dreading it more than I had Thunderhawk, it shared a similar appearance to Magnum XL-200. Thankfully, I was in for a surprise. It was smooth, stuffed with air-time, had comfortable trains, and the tunnels were a nice touch. However, on our first ride, they stopped the train a third of the way up the lift-hill and had an employee climb the steps to tell somebody to put their cell phone away. I didn't understand this- why didn't they just say it over the speakers? Oh well, it was a nice view :rolleyes:

The sun was starting to set about now, so we were heading out of the park when I spotted Laser. I had heard it was intense and quick for a roller coaster of its kind, so I climbed aboard and took a ride. Now anyone who visits DorneyOnline (not trying to advertise) and checks out the forums will see that the majority of the members want the Laser to be kept. Honestly, I could care less if it was scrapped. Yeah, it was sorta fun, but it wasn't anything special.

In the never-ending quest to raise my coaster-count, I next rode Dragon Coaster. I was the only person aboard the kiddie-coaster, leaving me to feel a bit awkward. Especially when the seat-belts were key-locked, leading to an awkward situation of the employee reaching over me to unlock it... yeah... moving on.

We ended the day at Soft Serve Ice Cream, getting ourselves some tastey treats. I had a vanilla shake, very good quality.

The next day we returned to Dorney Park just before the 10:00 AM opening of the rides. We first got ourselves some spots in the shade near the wave-pool (temperature was predicted to be in the 90's). We then headed to Voodoo for our first ride of the day. Arriving at the waiting queue entrace- closed. Okay... um... well, how about Steel Force? Closed. And for the record, Hydra: The Revenge was also closed. We settled with Thunderhawk. Thankfully, by the time the ride was over, Steel Force had opened. So we grabbed a ride on that one and moved back towards the water-park, stopping to ride Woodstock's Express. :)

After a dip in Wildwater Cove, we moved onto Thunder Canyon (terrible loading) and White Water Landing (big splash!). We headed back into the water-park, rested for a bit, and returned to the dry park for Talon. Much too intense for my liking.

After a small lunch at Typhoon Treats (pizza for Ty) and a bit more resting, I headed into the park solo and rode Wild Mouse. Back inside the water-park (we were doing a lot of alternating here!) my Dad and I rode Patriot's Plunge and AquaBlast, both of which were okay but not too great.

Back inside the park, the sun was setting so we sneaked a ride on Dominator before the sun set. Next was The Whip, a great classic attraction that Kings Island should get an (adult) version of.

After a third ride on Steel Force and a second ride on The Whip, we visited an arcade, checked the wait time for Talon, and headed out of the park, stopping to make a purchase at Carousel Gifts and Souvenir Shop.

Sunday morning was supposed to be our starting point on heading to Hershey, Pennsylvania. However, we were drawn to Dorney Park one final time to sneak a ride on both Steel Force and Voodoo (this time in the front row). Then, with our Cedar Fair filling finished, we began our trip to Hershey.

Checking into the White Rose Motel (a small and cheap motel I would highly reccomend), we rested for a few minutes then added onto the planned trip with a visit to Washington D.C. Very fun and cool, I look forward to returning for several days in the near future.

Monday was our first day at Hersheypark, a park with beautiful landscaping but a very complicated layout. Our first ride was Fahrenheit. After entering the 40 minute waiting line and waiting five of those minutes, we noticed a sign- "Stairs for Single Riders". Why were we waiting in this massive line when we could get on in five minutes? We left the line and boarded the single riders queue, boarding the ride two minutes after. The ride, like Hydra: The Revenge, was a large disappointment. The cobra-roll seemed out of place, but the 97-degree drop was an exciting element.

The Wildcat wooden roller coaster was our next ride, followed up by Lightning Racer Lightning and Lightning Racer Thunder. All three of these roller coasters were very exciting and very smooth and thrilling. Some of the best wooden roller coasters I've ridden.

A ride on the Wild Mouse (much smoother than Dorney Park's) later, we rode The Claw and Reese's Xtreme Challenge prior to leaving the park due to the extreme heat. Reese's Xtreme Challenge was an amazing ride with a fun (yet family-friendly) ending. Easily matched up Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle.

We took a break at Hershey's Chocolate World, riding Hershey's Great American Chocolate Tour. It was very well done and made an industrial factory seem bright, colorful, and friendly. And the singing cows were a nice touch :) We had lunch afterwards, myself getting pizza.

We took a break at our motel and watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at a nearby theater before returning to the now-empty park.

We rode Sidewinder (terrible), Storm Runner, and Trail Blazer. Storm Runner was extremely twisted and insane, while Trail Blazer was an enjoyable ride.

We ended Monday and headed back to the motel, only to get back up the next morning and head back into Hersheypark for one last day. Climbing aboard the Comet, I neared closer and closer to the 100 coaster-mark (currently at 90!). It was a lot of fun, although slow at some points.

Sooperdooperlooper was an enjoyable and smooth ride (it'd make a great marathon roller coaster!). After riding, we watched The Great Candy Caper, an entertaining seal-show. I then got myself a soft pretzel with cheese and watched Lightning Strike, another show. The whole show summed up: :blink: The musicians weren't that bad, but the ending was a terrible take-off of the Blue Man Group. Two performers, who had no music talents, ruined the show and left the audeince to scratch their heads. The best part: Air conditioning.

We took a break, visiting Chocolate World once more, then returned to the hotel some more. Prior to leaving the park, we rode Roller Soaker at one point. It was a major disappointment and a terrible roller coaster. The idea was good, but the ride wasn't. We also visited a Disney outlet store and a book outlet store after leaving the park.

Once back at the park later in the evening, we played a few games in the Play Dome Arcade and moved onto the final ride of the trip- Great Bear. It was one of the best inverted roller coasters I've ridden with smooth inversions, turns, and banking. We even dragged my brother onto the ride, making it his sixth roller coaster of the trip (and the first one with an inversion!). After the fun ride, we moved back to Chocolate World one last time to purchase some chocolates for the family members who remained at home. Concluding the trip, we rested at the hotel before leaving early the next morning and arriving back home mid-afternoon.

Now, onto part one the pictures!









Re: Dorney and Hershey Trip, 6/6-6/12

Postby SteelForcer06 » Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:52 pm

Im glad you had a good time visiting my summer time home. I honestly dont understand how you think Talon:the grip of fear is too intense... IMO that is one of the best inverts that ive ever ridden because its not boring and not too intense. But i guess thats because ive ridden it so many times. Also, Steel Force is a joy compared to Magnum. Morgan def engineered Steel Force better than Arrow did with Magnum.

Re: Dorney and Hershey Trip, 6/6-6/12

Postby Tori_is_neat » Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:30 pm

I'm with Steelforcer. I always found Talon to be rather relaxing actually. I found it to be more relaxing than Batman at SFGAdv, really.

Enjoy your ride on Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel FORCE! ('09)
"What time is it?" "HANG TIME!" ('10)
Talon: The Grip of Fear - 10th Anniversary! ('11)
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Re: Dorney and Hershey Trip, 6/6-6/12

Postby TombraiderTy » Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:28 pm

Well, the B&M inverts I've ridden are both Dueling Dragons, Montu, Great Bear, Raptor, and, of course, Talon. Montu was rougher, however.

Re: Dorney and Hershey Trip, 6/6-6/12

Postby MozzMarr86 » Wed Jun 18, 2008 1:11 pm

TombraiderTy wrote:Well, the B&M inverts I've ridden are both Dueling Dragons, Montu, Great Bear, Raptor, and, of course, Talon. Montu was rougher, however.

I find this to be an interesting opinion. I've rode Dueling Dragons, Great Bear, and Raptor (all multiple times) and I've gotta say, Talon is the smoothest of all of them.

Talon is smooth like butter, actually. I love that ride.
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