6.28.08 Night Visit

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6.28.08 Night Visit

Postby MJHammer1 » Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:28 am

Got to the park last night at about 9 pm with my only goal being to take in the atmosphere and get some night photos of the park.

The park was crowded with the 'big city folk' that are oh so friendly. I got screamed at by a minivan with Jersey plates before even getting in the gates ... but what can you do.

I noticed that they have up some banners on the construction wall for Club Blood. I can't wait for the fall!

Voodoo was down, so was Meteor and Revolution. All three rides are ones that should never have appeared at the park, IMO simply because of their respective manufacturers. It was just stupid to see Voodoo closed on a night when the park was very crowded!

I also caught a little bit of the show that has the magician in it, it wasn't bad and had a full theater watching - so I guess it's working out for them.

Oh, and for the record - I only saw one person smoking on the midway the whole time I was there - so not bad. I also noticed that they have big versions of the new no line jumping signs out in the main gate plaza area. I guess taking on line jumping is a new initiative for the park?

All my photos from the trip can be found here.

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Re: 6.28.08 Night Visit

Postby Yoshi » Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:45 pm

The picture of the glowing ring toss game was great. I'm glad I didn't go yesterday if they were using the overflow lot (we had considered it but I said it was a bad idea to go on a summer Saturday)
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