July 1st - pre-holiday weekend

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July 1st - pre-holiday weekend

Postby phillydude » Wed Jul 02, 2008 12:12 am

Arrived at 10:30, few buses in the lot, but they weren't using the first parking section in front of the main gate, so we had to park a short walk away (but further than usual). Went right to WWK, which was still fairly empty, dropped our stuff at Wildwater Cove, and walked right on to Runaway River. Took two runs on Aquaracer, a run on the Speed Slides, a trip down Riptide Run, three trips down Wildwater Rapids, and then headed to AquaBlast, which we had never ridden before. Back to Wildwater Cove for a cycle of waves, then we headed over to DP for lunch at Just Tacos a little after noon as WWK started to get crowded.

Started in DP at 1pm after lunch, rode Hydra (walk-on for the front row), Tilt-A-Whirl, and Music Express, then cut back across the park to ride Thunder Canyon on our way back into WWK. Wildwater River was open, so we checked that out, and did another trip on Runaway River, several more runs down Wildwater Rapids, and two more cycles in Wildwater Cove. Back around to DP, with a ride on VooDoo (walk-on for center of the train) and Thunderhawk (walk-on for the front row) and one on Monster before hitting Joe Cool's BBQ for dinner at 5:30.

We headed back to WWK after dinner, and did Lightning Falls, Cascade, Aquaracer and AquaBlast (which was probably the longest wait we had all day at 10 minutes or so), then pretty much stayed in Wildwater Cove until the water park closed at 8pm. Crossed back again, played some games and stopped in the arcade, rode Scrambler, had a funnel cake, and finished the day with Talon (two train wait for front row, all the rest of the gates were walk-ons), leaving at 9:50pm for home.

Hang Time was running (but I didn't get a chance to ride it), but Meteor was not. Wildwater Landing was not running for most of the day, but finally came on-line in the evening. Laser was testing when we pulled in to the lot, but was not running when we got back there. Seemed like VooDoo was consistant, but we noticed that Steel Force was running some empty trains in mid-afternoon... not sure what was up with that. Also got to see a cell phone shutdown in mid-lift on Thunderhawk.

Oh yeah... I also posted some video of the park to YouTube... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyfmsdgjbLc

p.s. - On the way up the Turnpike, I was passed by a silver Mini Cooper with a DE license plate that read "Yoshi" :lol:
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Re: July 1st - pre-holiday weekend

Postby Yoshi » Wed Jul 02, 2008 1:51 pm

It wasn't me though I like that license plate. Sounds like it was a good trip except for the BBQ which I read your review about in the other thread.
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