Knoebels - 08/02/2008

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Knoebels - 08/02/2008

Postby cf4444 » Sat Aug 02, 2008 11:33 pm

So I made an un-planed trip to Knoebels today. We (My aunt and two uncles and their kids.) arrived around 6:00 PM. As you may or may not know there is no admission or parking charge at the park. We got a few books of tickets for the rides. This totaled about $60 for about six (6) people. A very nice price IMO. Anyway, we hit some of the smaller rides first. I couldn't care about those. I wanted the coasters. I ended up getting the coasters.

Phoenix is a wonderful double out-and-back Schmeck design. The tunnel pre-lift is very nice to. It looks small but packs quite a punch for its size. Nice idea to put a double up in front of a double down. PTC did a great job building this nice coaster. Also I noticed that it (like all the other coasters at the park) still use Skid Brakes. Man, I wish I had my camera to get some pictures of them.

Next for me was Twister. My first ever doulbe-lift coaster. Nice pre-lift as well. That ride......well, its as the name implies. For quite a long time I thought this was a GCI using PTC trains. I guess I was wrong. Too bad I was unable to find the photo booth. Oh-well who cares? That is a must ride if your in the area.

Flying Turns. Ok, how long overdue is this ride? I was fully built but not operating. Kinda bummed me out since its a one-of-a-kind in this area.

High Speed Thrill Coaster. Yes I got the kiddy coaster credit. But I got that back when I was to young to get on the bigger rides. This is a nice little ride. Nice pops of air time to. The ride-op was nice about letting me and the two kids with me ride for free....twice. Whoever that was thanks.

There was only one downer on this day. On the boat ride our boats engin just went dead. We were a drift with no rudder, power, or way of getting help until after getting hit by uncle Matt. Then the op who helped us got a nice little burn on his hand from the engin. OUCH!

Overall the staff of this little place are kind hard workers ranging in age and ethnic backgrounds. But they do work hard to keep that park looking nice. from 6:00 PM till the park closed un-officially at 10:00 PM we had a great time. Hopefully that park keeps on its track of providing fun and providing a second home for Dorney's lost rides. (Boat Tag anyone?) A great four hours and two new coaster credits. Cant ask for a better day.

EDIT - Dang, I just realized this is in the wrong area. If one of the mods. could more this to the right area please? Thanks.
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