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Postby MozzMarr86 » Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:59 pm


I accidentally deleted your post. I took the edited one and went to put it up top but accidentally deleted that too. I apologize. Here is your post:

dorneydude wrote:We were headed to the Great (?) Allentown Fair on Sunday at 5pm but quickly noticed traffic backed up on 15th Street to Rothrock…no doubt due to the Jonas Brothers. We decided to try DP instead. We did not drive in the drop off to park (only been asked once this season if we were dropping off) but instead went around to the main parking entrance to make sure the park was not too crowded. We saw no lawn or secondary lot parking and figured it was safe to enter. We were right. Many were leaving around 5:30. Many were also exiting WWK to DP.

We decided to head counterclockwise thru the park. First we hit the pirate ship. Nice ride but it had a wobble to it. Next we went down to possible pay our last respects to the Laser. Its sad to see it condition. I hope the new owner treats it better. We had a two train wait. Nice ride. VooDoo was a little bit of a wait so it was up to Steel Force. Pretty much a 5 minute wait for a mid section ride. The night was beautiful and the ride was fantastic. Next it was the Gas cars across from the Scrambler. Way to long a wait here so it was off to Camp Snoopy to meet some late arrivals. I’d say it was now about 7:15 and surprisingly much more hot and crowded in Snoop’s domain. We spent about an hour there then were headed back to the other end of the park.

Ooopps! It seems there are fireworks at 9:30. Yea! It seems they are closing half the park early for it… Booo! What a joke….ridiculous. There were probably warning signs when you entered but we did not see them. Those who paid to get in were no doubt a bit upset. We were able to get on the train though…it was spooky at the far end in the dark and there was a mist over the stream…perhaps foreshadowing of the Haunt to come.

We next watched the show while waiting for the fireworks, they gave it their all but I liked last years show better. I hope they do not have they magician guy peddling his wears for the Haunt. We sat down with some ‘free’ ice waters’, fries and excellent shucked corn. The fireworks were nice. We ran over to Dominator red for an added thrill. That took us to 10pm; park closing. The weather was great and the park not too crowded. It was one of those nights you wish you had the park open till 11pm!

The fireworks were indeed advertized in the paper. The time I saw fireworks at DP was years ago when they would close the METEOR and do the Jump n Jive / America / fireworks. That did not necesitate closing half the park, but in all fairness it was hardly a fireworks show back then compared to what they offered Sunday.
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