Haunt Opening Night 9/27

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Haunt Opening Night 9/27

Postby HauntfanDP » Sun Sep 28, 2008 10:27 am

Ok this is my first TR, but its more of an explanation of the haunts and all. I got there right in time because I was waiting around with my group at the entrance when all the monsters come up to the front. It was awesome to see how many there were. Thats wen they started the wall of monsters and all. Probly 10 minutes later they left for their houses or haunts. We then went to the first haunt of the night, Kill Hill

Kill Hill:
I didnt know what to expect when going into this. I first walk in and then there was mirrors and strobe light everywhere. This caught me off guard a bit. It was definitly a good affect. It was the same Boo Hill layout, just decked out with clowns and such. There was mostly clowns and other monsters. Most of them just stood around and watched us go by. I was kinda disappointed it being by first haunt and not that great. I give this one a 5/10

We later then chose between Terror Square and Headstone Hollow and ended up going to Headstone Hollow

Headstone Hollow:
This also was a different experience from the fright zone to this. We walked in and a few monsters passed us but did pretty much nothing. And again more monsters passed us, but didnt do much. Same way through the end. I counted ONE monster that was making a good effort the others just stood there. But we went to it for second time when it got darker and what a HUGE difference from the first time. I jumped at least twice, one guy came from out of no where I didnt see it coming and one jumped over the rail near road rally entrance. It was scary and awesome at the same time. Others got me too from behind tombstones. One was a great distraction and out comes a monster from the tombstone. The first time through I would have given it a 4.5/10. But the second time was a big 9/10. Second time through really made it stand out and was great.

We then ate a little while watching the first performance of General Jack's Side Show Bizarro. It was pretty good, some parts amazing and also had pretty good acting fillers between each of the acts. I give the show an 8.5/10, but I think Ill see it again if i can.

We then headed to Cornstalkers. My friend called me saying it wasnt good, so i didnt know what to think.

There was this farmer guy (well lady but dressed as a guy) next to the solomons farm truck who was pretty entertaining while we waited in line. She talked to us for a while and then we got up to the front. When I first stepped in, I noticed how great the theming was. But that quickly left my mind after a while. It started off a little bit slow with 3 monsters in the beginning, but boy did it pick up. They started coming from everywhere. Out of cornstalkes, behind cornstalks, some out of no where, some that looked like dummies but werent, they just came from everywhere and everywhere you would never expect. They also swarmed by group, up to 5 monsters at a time. I must have jumped 10 times and not even half way through yet. I realized my friend was dead wrong about this maze. Along with the tons of scares, it had unbelievable theming and good acting as well. The huge cage towards the middle of the maze with the skeletons on it was great. They also had two people on some boat (I dont know why) but they were saying you better turn back. It was good acting with the farm there. You then pass a big truck with bright head lights and a guy jumpiung from the bungy cord thing which was cool. Best outdoor maze and best overall maze by FAR. I give this a 10/10 easily. A+++++

We exited Cornstalkers and went right to Club Blood

Club Blood:
It had really good queue theming with a vampire and this guy with tons and tons of body piercings. They were pretty entertaining and got some people good. They also had a limo that said club blood on it. I had a feeling this was going to be the best themed. And it was, BUT the first time we went through we accidently took a wrong turn through one of those black tarps and was going backwards in the maze. So it took us right to the exit. So my first trip through wasnt even complete! 2nd time through was a LOT better. The 3rd and 4th time through was the best. I got scared the most in those two times. They really did a good job of scaring people. I jumped a couple of times my last time through. The theming was great and the girls in the beginning and in the cages were HOTT 8) . By far best maze, even though I never got to Doctor of Doom. Club Blood was a 9.5/10 for me, it was awesome.

We then headed right to Terror Square

Terror Square:
The front of Terror Square had a couple monsters that got some good scares. There was tons of fog when you get close to Thunder Creek Mountain station and a good amount of mosters I thought. One made me jump good. This was the best themed outdoor mazee behind Cornstalkers. There was a lot of western theming put into this. And the monsters did a good job acting like cowboys with their western accents. I liked this one, it wasnt amazing but it was pretty good with theming and the acting. I didnt go into the tunnel, I stood there for a minute thinking about going in, but the group didnt. Overall, I give this an 8/10 pretty good outdoor haunt.

We then went into Headstone (already mentioned it in Headstone Hoolow review). After that, we went to Scream Works.

Scream Works:
Thank god that my group had the VIP wristbands because we would have waited an hour for it, but was only 5 minutes for us. This was pretty much the same as last year but improvred the theming. There was TONS and TONS of monsters in this one. every corner there was at least one if not two monsters right there. Some stood there, but most of them gave a good effort scaring me. The one right before the tunnel got me real good. There was a lot better theming added onto the original Scream Works. The head that pops out of the barrel from last year got me too. This was the most improved from last year. Scream Works earned a 9/10 in my view.

We then did Club Blood 3 more times (already commented about 2nd, 3rd, and 4th times through) And that was a day. We only rode Voodoo and that was it. The ride lines looked dead, everyone was in line for haunts. I cant wait to see what will happen when a packed saturday comes in and what the lines will be like. There was a good amount of people, but most of them were going for the haunts. Overall an awesome night. I didnt get to get into Doctor of Doom like I said before, but I will sometime this year. Sorry if this too long of a TR, this is the only time that I'm commeting on each of the haunts. Hopefully Haunt stays great like this throughout the whole haunt season.

Re: Haunt Opening Night 9/27

Postby Yoshi » Sun Sep 28, 2008 1:05 pm

Good to hear most people are there for the haunt attractions. I hope it stays like that the rest of the season so I can have lots of short coaster lines.
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