Not-So-Scary 10.4

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Not-So-Scary 10.4

Postby phillydude » Sun Oct 05, 2008 8:43 am

So the kids and I got up there around 12:30... there were definitely a lot of "newbies" as the parking lot, entrance plaza, and ticketing areas were full of people who didn't seem to know what to do. We breezed into the park and the kids got these little coupon books and a treasure map. Turns out there was a scavenger hunt, and by visiting a number of different places (concession stands, gift shops, and games) you collected the pieces to make a pirate costume. It was a neat idea, and for the dollar or two that CF spent on the items (plastic hook and eye patch, cardboard hat, bead necklace, mini telescope, and a couple plastic bags) it still made the kids feel like they "got" something out of the day. There was also a number of coupons, some of which we actually used (one free "replay" for a game, buy one get one free cotton candy, $5.00 Camp Spooky t-shirts). These also kept the cost of the day down, as we were able to get a soda refill and two bags of cotton candy for $5.00, and the t-shirts came to $10.00, and we were able to play the "air ball" game (down by Lazer) four times and still spend less than $20.00 in the park.

We were disappointed, however, with the number of rides that were closed. We had planned to ride several things we hadn't ridden all season, but Revolution, Hang Time, and Meteor were all out of service. Considering that these are pretty much the "E Ticket" rides that are not coasters, and that all the water-based rides were also closed, it was a bummer to have them all sitting idle. In any event, we rode Thunderhawk and Steel Force, Hydra and Talon, Monster and Scrambler and the Swings. Oh yeah... Lazer was closed too, and Voodoo had the longest lines I saw all season, so we skipped that too. It did look like Hang Time was running when we left, however... perhaps they fire up the "bigger kid" rides in the evenings to make up for the "little kid" rides that were all running during the day?

Speaking of the little kid rides, the park was swarming with little kids... although I can't say there was much that was "different" for them to do. Camp Spooky was packed (the scavenger hunt had a lot of locations in that area), and the decorations were neat, but there was only a few "new" things. There was a trick-or-treat area (where all the treats seemed to be Mike-and-Ikes), a simple maze made from hay bales (low enough that you could see where you were going), and Boo Hill. A lot of people seemed to think it would be a haunted house, but it was really a fun house, with a mirror maze, a swinging bridge, and a few fluorescent rooms (including the last one, which was painted black with thousands of day-glo colored dots on the walls and floor. What made it neat was that the attendants in that room were also wearing all black, and had the same dots painted on their clothes, so they really did blend in well. I also heard a number of people saying that DP should have some kind of funhouse or haunted house all year long...

Anyway, on the way out, the kids said they wanted to get some souvenirs to remember the year, and we stumbled into the Carousel Emporium, where EVERYTHING in the store was half price. I got two pint glasses with the Lazer logo for $1.40 each, the kids picked up some school supplies (pencils, pens, etc) with different coaster logos (Talon, Hydra, etc) for less than a buck each, and we got two aluminum water bottles (which will be great for their lunch boxes) for $3.50 each. They also had a bunch of t-shirts for $5.00, but nothing that struck my eye as a "must-have" since we had already gotten shirts... but if you were were just shopping, there were some bargains in there. They also had a lot of Halloweekend gear, including sweatshirts, which would have come in handy since it's probably much colder in the evenings.

In all, it was cool to see some of the outdoor Haunt stuff... we walked through Headstone Hollow (which looked like it would be awesome) and Terror Square (which was just OK), and I can imagine how it all goes down at night. But I think that's it for us for this season... due to a couple work-related things, I did not renew the season passes yesterday, but I still may do so before the discount goes away.
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Re: Not-So-Scary 10.4

Postby Yoshi » Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:14 am

Sounds great, I really want to check out that store, I love getting deals on stuff and considering most stuff at Dorney isn't that overpriced to begin with compared to other parks I hope to get some bargains.

Surprised to hear Voodoo had such a long line.
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