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Postby hoany » Tue May 26, 2009 9:09 am

My wife and I decided to visit for the first time this season. We didn't arrive until around noon and saw lots of people with bathing suits on so I figured (hoped) that the park side would not be busy. We only had about 2 1/2 hours to spend and would only be in the park side.

First was Talon with 2 quick rides with no wait. I think the second ride there were only 4 rows being used. So far so good with crowds! I had a front row and back row ride. Both are great, front is a great view and my wife managed to get a good picture of me on it from the ground. She doesn't do any twisty loopy coasters.

We then took a trip on the Cedar Creek Cannonball which is always a relaxing ride.

Next was Hydra with no wait again even for the front. 2 people had the front row so I decided to take the second row by myself.

Next we went to dominator. The green side actually had about 15 people in line so I went on the red. I was the only person waiting for red to finish it's cycle until 2 people joined me right before we got on. I would have rode again but we were hungry.

Usually we don't eat in the park but this time we shared perogies while watching the ducks for a while. We saw around 15 of them just in the area we were looking. Other people were feeding them so it kept them around. Was a fun part of a relaxing trip.

Next we went to steel force, which again was no wait with 3 trains running. Did the back row to make the initial drop as fun as possible.

After that we planned to do Voodoo...er....Possessed but time was running out so we started to head out.

It was a great trip. I guess the majority of people were in WWK because the park side was pretty dead at least from noon to 2:30. We also got our season passes processed and the wait couldn't have been any shorter. I would say 3 minutes from entering the building to having our passes in hand. Friendly people running things there too! :D
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Re: 5/23

Postby ccnepa87 » Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:56 pm

glad you had fun i hope to go this week

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