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Postby dorneydude » Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:19 am

I had the day off and considered do WWK but it was overcast and breezy when I was about to leave so we just decided to do the water rides at DP. Of course as soon as we got to DP the sun came out!

We arrived at 2:30pm and were to meet up with my kid’s cousins and do the 3 DP water rides first. Well they were running late so I took my daughter over to WWL, her cousin would likely chicken out any way. There was no real wait, we just missed a half loaded boat. We got the front seat on the next one and we were off. Too bad these rides do not have some theming in them. I may not ever have been in the front seat but I kept my eyes open as we plunged and was amazed the water I could see all around use as we were about to go under the bridge…it was like a tunnel of water and I never noticed it before. For a split second I thought, hey, maybe you do not get wet in the front seat….WRONG…all the water soon fell down on top of us. To make matters worse some dingdong old lady spent a quarter and shot me in the ear with her water cannon…why that pi$$ed me off when I was soaked anyway, I do not know. I wish I could pay a quarter to fire back! My daughter found it funny though. We hurried across the bridge in an effort to keep the 2 sq inches of me that was still dry from getting wet! I saw the new dryer thing---great idea! $5---bad idea! I wonder how well it works though?

Still no cousins so we were off to Hydra. No wait at all. We got the 4th I row and I sat in a middle seat with 2 seat belts. ‘Why do you get two belts?’ my 9 year old wondered. I figured maybe this was a seat for a larger person - I had heard about these. I tried to explain to my 9 year old that some folks are over 6 foot tall and bigger. Nevertheless, after poking me in my slightly bulging belly, the rest day’s story was how dad sat in the fat man’s seat. Nevertheless the ride was VERY smooth and did not hurt my neck or jossle me too much. I’ll take the ‘fat man’s seat from now on. 2 monitors were out so we could not see our picture. Does anyone ever buy those photos anyway?

Next we went down to the Music Express type ride. No wait again other than they were just starting the 75% empty rode when we walked up. Interestingly, they were telling people where to sit. They seamed to be trying to space people out every other car…maybe to keep it balanced?…maybe they were just bored…?

Cousins would here in 15 minutes! So we went up to Talon for a quick ride. Again, no wait at all. Again, middle seat. Again smooth ride—though I am more of a woodie or Steel force out and back coaster guy. Again, I was the ‘fat man’.

We left there and met up with our kin just as they were walking in. It was 4pm and Snoopy on ice was starting and I was dry so I figured what the heck. The show did not start till 4:10. I have no idea why it was late except that maybe they have to sell so many of those bubble guns before they can begin. (kidding) Decent show, good skating, nice eye candy but no real coherent story that I could see. If it’s not the same exact show as last year it must be close.

Left Snoopy and headed to Thunder Creak Canyon. We had about a 7 minute wait, mostly waiting for loading and unloading of the tubes. I forgot how forceful this sucker could be. Personally I wish this ride at least gave you a chance of not getting wet. I made it thru the first few falls dry but there’s no chance of staying dry on the second half. I seem to remember there being one at GA in the 80s and you had a decent chance of remaining dry.

Now we split. I took the kids to the little flume while my better half took a few kids to camp snoopy.

The kids had a few minute wait the first time on the flume and walked right on the second. I joined them for the 3rd…I was wet any way but since I had my bathing suit, the sun was and there was a breeze I seemed to dry off pretty quick. While the kids were on I look up at Demon Droppings. No one was there – it was not running. Every few minutes I heard what sounded like a dog groaning….what the hell was that?

It was getting near time to leave so we started up to camp snoopy. I realized none of had our passes on us so the ring toss game was out. I said to the kids to go win me some candy since I was getting hungry. We played a dollar and my daughter win 8 bars! While there some dude asked if he could ‘buy’ candy there and was told he could only ‘win’ it. Then he asked if could ‘buy’ ours. No way…its not every day your kids wins 8 bars on one spin and she had earned the right carry it around a while. (Did I mention I was getting hungry?)

We finally found our group at camp snoopy and the littlest one was getting tired. We did the train over by WWL. It was kind of boring. I’d love to see some theming here too!

We left at 4:30.

I wish we had stayed a few more hours. There were no lines for anything. Maybe everyone was WWK but it was not that hot. I know it’s not July yet but I figure most are out of school. If it stays like this then a bunch of July weekday visits may be in my future. Of course if attendance is just ‘down’ this much all year then we are in trouble.
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