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Postby Yoshi » Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:11 pm

I was up in Allentown tonight and decided to run over to the park a little after 9:00. I saw Voodoo had a line at least past the spike so it had to be more than 20 minutes if not more.

I went to Talon first, the line was past the stairs, and maybe 15 feet past that. I saw people leaving the line when they saw how long it was but I figured it would be 10 minutes. 3 minutes later I was boarding the train, that was the fastest I ever saw the line move. I walked around and had a 1 train wait and walked around again with another 1 train wait.

I decided to see if Demon Drop was running, it was and the wait was just over 10 minutes. The first thing I noticed was the cars seemed really cramped. If you get an end seat, you are pushed up against the side of the car. I had the left seat and my left arm didn't have a lot of room to hold the restraint. I was with 2 other riders and the seat next to me was empty I felt if another person was in that seat, it would have been really uncomfortable. Waiting to climb up the tower seemed to take forever. Once we got to the top and dropped, the freefall feeling was great but seemed very short. When you get to the bottom of the drop and change from sitting upright to lying on your back, it hurt my neck. At the end of the run out area when you transfer backwards to the lower level, that area was very rough. I decided to try the ride again to get a better opinion of it since it is difficult to take in everything the first time on a ride. This time it was just over a 5 minute wait (they shut down the line while I was waiting for the 2nd ride).

I didn't feel differently about the 2nd ride. Overall I thought it was an ok ride and will ride it on most trips to the park if the wait is under 10 minutes but would have preferred they left Krazy Kars over it. I also like both sides of Dominator and AtmosFEAR at Morey's more than Demon Drop.

Hopefully next time I go to the park it will be for a longer visit.
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Re: 7/18/10

Postby dorneydude » Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:08 am

I'm with you Yoshi. Something is wrong with that thing. I should have started a new thread but added my original input to the the DD forum....I'll copy part of my post here...
Well I finally gave the ole' bucket of bolts a try. I had my daughter with me who was actually scared. She goes on Dominator all the time but the Cedar Point Poo scared her! Why? Its noisy. It looks rickety. Her words. Well at least it was an effective thrill ride...anticipation wise. Would we get stuck? Would it collapse? What were all those weird noises? She soon found out as Demon Droppings unloaded us like that dude on Man vs Food relieves himslef after a big meal....a big noisy, unpleasant mess!

Actually I have to admit I was wrong about the ride. Its actually worse than I remember it! Dominator is sooo smooooth! Tech has come a long way. The ride was rough and vibrated and not in a good way like a wooden coaster. The worst part was just as it flipped you from you back to upright position at the end of the ride...BANG your head gets snapped back against the seat...more cushioning is needed for sure.
more, if interested in the DD thread. :x :x :x
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