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Postby Yoshi » Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:18 pm

I decided to go to Dorney yesterday mainly to go to Wildwater Kingdom before school lets out and the crowds are still low.

I got to the park a little after 3:00 and went to White Water Landing first, 3 boats running with no wait. I then went to Thunder Canyon which also had no wait.

The lines in WWK were either had no wait or less than a 5 minute wait except Aquablast that I didn't ride since the sign says there is a minimum of 2 people per raft (on slow days in past years they allowed single riders).

I won't give a detailed report but it was nice to be in WWK again after almost 9 months of it being closed. Patriot's Plunge Red is still my favorite slide in the park.

One thing that annoyed me was that I went to a slide tower at 5:53, 7 minutes before closing. I get to the entrance to the slides at the top of the stairs and the lifeguard tells me they are closing and I can't go on the slide. The entrance wasn't blocked and with no line and the park still open I shouldn't have been turned away. A little kid who also tried to slide was turned away. A few minutes later when I go to another slide instead that was open, what do I see? The same lifeguard is letting someone on the slides that she told me were closed!

While in WWK, I saw the ride side was basically dead. I saw Talon running with an empty train and when riding White Water Landing I saw Steel Force was an empty train. I wish I had been at those rides at the time since I have yet to get solo rides on those coasters (I have solo rides on Thunderhawk, Hydra and Laser).

I decided to take 1 lap on each of the coasters. Talon and Hydra had no waits except for the front row. Wild Mouse had no wait which is very rare. Unfortunately, besides the long wait it usually has, I remembered why I normally skip the ride. The brakes are on so much that you slam into them and the lap bar and if you are tall, there isn't a lot of leg room compared to Mack's Wild Mouse coasters.

Thunderhawk had no one in the station, but some rows were closed off including the front row so I took the back row.

Steel Force had an empty station except for the front, but I waited an extra train for the front row. Someone in the station was asking if the coaster went upside down.

Possessed was closed the entire time I was at the park. It seems like at least half my trips to the park, it is either closed part of the time I am there or the entire time I am there.

I would have liked to have gotten some more coaster rides in but the heat and humidity were brutal and I was exhausted from climbing stairs in WWK. I am estimating I climbed around 800 stairs just there not counting the ride side of the park. Patriot's Plunge is 82 stairs and I went on those slides 6 times total so that is almost 500 stairs right there.

I am hoping to get back at least once more before school lets out since WWK in July and August even during the week gets crowded very fast.
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