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Postby dorneydude » Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:04 am

Daddy and daughter day! We hit the park at 11:15am or so in our bathing suits and hit the Canyon first. Boats were full and it was a one boat wait. Great ride…never fails to please and of course we got drenched. As we were heading up the hill the sun went down and we realized it was nearly as warm as we thought…or hoped. I think it was 80 degrees. It was cold after the plunge and some numnuts put their little quarter in and hit us with a bullseye shot of water.

We scurried over the bridge not waiting to get sprayed again. We had thoughts of trying that super dryer thing…till we saw the $5 price then scurried past it as did others. Anyone ever use that sucker? Maybe for $2…not $5.

We headed over to the rapids next….very short line. They were letting empty rafts go between filled ones…maybe it make the ride look more popular….? We got stuck on a raft with 7 people. 3 had to weigh close to 250 pounds each. We were scared. Sure enough the thing flew through water spinning like I never experienced. I was thrilled except for when I almost flew out. We were again soaked and chilly.

Next it was off to the Flume but my daughter had had enough of the water…especially since it was not that hot. We always like the fries down by the flume but we could not figure out how much they were. They had burgers for $8.99. Did that come with fries? There was Dinning Plan sign and more prices..Then it said fries $5.99…very confusing to us and another couple. We turned around and went 45 feet away and got some fries by the dominator ride…well almost. WHY DO THEY DO THIS? Could they not set the price so it comes to an even $5. No it had to be $5.04. I could not immediately find the .04…only had $5 on me at the time…had to leave the line. Eventually I found a quarter. Fries were tasty but not worth $5. I would later find fries for $4 by Voodoo. A nice passholder perk would be fries for $3.

We ate our snack and headed back to the car to put our sneakers on passing the ring toss on the way. This was always a good passholder perk last year…a hand full of rings for a buck. This year is $7 for a hat full, you keep the hat and get a free refill….not worth it to us…we moved on. I think we stopped at the candy wheel…may have been the other evening though. Anyway she just missed 8 bars on her second play. We got a Twix bar which to my surprise seamed to be refrigerated!. We stopped at the car and it was back into the park for the non-water rides. We started with Voodoo…she finally went on it with me…my first ride on the ole beast. I admit it was sort of thrilling but I could see how the ‘been there done that’ feeling could set in after a few rides.

Stopped at the Steel Force restroom…very clean…I think people either do not know its there or are too lazy to walk back there. Next up was Steel Force…always good and even better with the paint job.

Next was the drive yourself cars…our 3rd ride in a row with no real wait time…maybe just a few minutes. Next we skipped Thunderhawk…were just not in the mood to be jostled around by the old gal. We did the Whip. I thought it was protocol to have the larger person sit on the outside but maybe I am wrong. The folks in front of us were reversed and were banging into the track the entire time…it did not look like fun.

We next watched in amusement both the basketball game…which seams to do less business each year and the Guess You Weight or Age game…which was doing quite well. People like those straw hats…though the quality seams to have gone down hill. The Awe Shucks corn sign was back but not open..Oh well..thats one indulgence we sometimes partake.

Next it was up to the WWK train. We sat and waited 10 minutes for enough people to warrant a trip. Ho Hum.. They should do some theming there and reopen the WWK depot.

By now it had been about 4 leisurely hours and we were ready to go. She wanted to stop at the gaming area by the Talon. She wanted to do the ‘throw the softball in the straw basket’ game. I told her last she would never win…but she did! The same thing happened this year…won on the first ball. The girl working there then was unsure if she could get an ‘Angry Bird’ (?) as a prize….it said choice so she let her take one…I guess they do not get a lot of winners there. We ended our trip on a high note.

Awesome day though a bit cold for water rides or WWK. I was a little concerned at how bad attendance was since kids are out of school by now.
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Re: 6/27/2011

Postby Yoshi » Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:12 pm

I hear those dryers don't work well at all

The reason they leave some rafts empty is on slower days, they are set up for loading 4 rafts at a time but usually only load 2. The problem is that when the line picks up, they usually don't start loading the other 2 rafts. I'm surprised they allowed 7 people in 1 raft. Usually it's only 4 or 5 people if that.

The dining plan is a "deal" for non passholders. If you pay full price for a ticket, you then can upgrade to a dining plan for $5 more and get a meal, drink and dessert. Of course if you pay $45.99 for a ticket and then pay $5 extra that is $50.99 and there are numerous discounts for tickets so you really aren't saving much if at all.
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