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Postby Yoshi » Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:22 pm

After not going to a park for 3 weeks, today seemed like a good day to plan a trip with it being in the mid 80's compared to 100+ degrees it was last week. My original plan was to go to Great Adventure since it has been 6 weeks since my last trip to the park but I saw there was a concert and that means bad crowds so the decision to go to Dorney was easy.

I got to the park a little after 4:00 and it was very crowded for a weekday. The 2nd part of the main lot was around 1/2 full. 150 - 200 more cars and the overflow lot would have been needed.

My original plan was to go on some coasters until 5, go to the waterpark until 7 and then go back to the coasters.

Talon had at least a 20 minute line so I figured I would go back to it later and went to the lower part of the park. First was Dominator. The Turbo Drop side had a line so I went to the Space Shot side. After not riding it in a while, I forgot how weak it was.

Thunderhawk had at least a 15 minute line with 1 train so I skipped it and went to Steel Force. 2 trains running and it was a 4 train wait for a middle row. I went back for another ride this time waiting 2 trains. Great ride as always. I went to Possessed next, 2 cycle wait. I got row 13 and forgot how you barely go up the twisted part of the spike in the last few rows of the train.

Wildwater Kingdom still had a lot of people but the crowds were starting to thin out. I won't give details of the slides but I got 15 slides and went on the shorter lazy river in a little less than 2 hours. The lazy river was faster than normal taking just over 5 minutes for a full trip.

While waiting in line for 1 slide, there were 3 kids in a group ahead of me. They called up their friends and 6 of them cut the line. I got the last laugh though since they all wanted the same slide so I got to slide ahead of almost all of them by picking a different slide and was able to slide 3 times at that complex before they all had gotten 1 slide in.

I am also starting to really get tired of the way the GP acts. I can't tell you how many people I saw wearing street clothes like regular shorts in the waterpark and 1 person wearing jean shorts wasn't allowed to go on the slides and stood there arguing. Other people didn't understand how to sit in an inntertube and needed the life guards to help them. So many times the lines were held up because of stupid things. I guess nothing is as bad as a trip in August 2008 where crying kids were being forced on the slides by their parents while wearing socks, people throwing innertubes off the slide towers and jumping over queue railings at the beginning of the slide towers.

I went back to the ride side after Wildwater Kingdom closed and Talon had an even longer line. It looked to be around 30 minutes. I went to Hydra and waited 2 trains before that line got long too. With the waterpark closed, a ton of people were entering the ride park and I knew lines would get worse so I left. On the way out, I saw Wild Mouse had at least an hour wait.

Prices are also increasing all over the park. The Hat of Rings at the ring around the bottle game is now $8 instead of $7. A small Locker went from $11 to $13. It was only a couple of years ago it was under $10. With the price of 20 oz bottles of soda going from $3.50 to $4.00 this season as well these price increases are out of hand. You are almost forced to rent a locker at the waterpark and they know that so they can get away with it. I always used to say Cedar Fair's pricing is high but not as bad as Six Flags but I think they are basically equal now with some cases like the soda where Cedar Fair is more expensive. I guess it's just more of a reason for me not to spend money in the park except for a locker and in the arcade.

Overall despite higher than normal crowds, it was still a good trip to Dorney.
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