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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 6:07 pm
by Yoshi
Normally there was no way I would have gone to a park today with the weather forecasts and threat of the hurricane but I was near Allentown today and the park was open so I decided to go get some coaster rides in.

I knew the parking lot would be empty, and it was the total opposite of what a normal Saturday in August looks like. There were 5 buses and 150 - 200 cars.

I saw that Wildwater Kingdom was closed, I guess that was to be expected since no one would go to a water park with it raining on and off all day and the threat of a major storm.

The first ride I went to was Talon. Only 1 train was running but that was all that was needed with the train going out over half empty.

I stopped at the Wild Mouse next since it had a less than 5 minute wait which almost never happens. The brakes didn't seem to be as strong as they were the other time I rode the coaster earlier in the season and in past seasons. It made the coaster better but still not as good as Hershey's Wild Mouse or The Dark Knight.

Hydra also had 1 train running with almost all the rows going out empty. It seemed to rattle a lot today, almost the entire circuit.

Thunder Canyon was running with empty rafts no way was I going to ride with the waterfalls turned on. Hangtime was open but had no riders. White Water Landing was closed.

I went to Thunderhawk next, also 1 train running and no one in the station but the front row as closed off for some reason. I almost had a solo ride until a group came into the station right before I was about to board the train.

Steel Force had 1 train running and had maybe 10 people waiting in the station. I chose the last row since I didn't feel like waiting 2 trains for the front and saw the train entering the station had only 7 riders. Right after the train dispatched, the skies opened up. It was very painful with the rain hitting your face and I had to close my eyes for most of the ride.

I thought for sure the rides would shut down but everything was still running. I considered stopping at Possessed seeing that only 2 people were riding and the station was completely empty but decided against it.

The rain got even worse walking to the exit of the park and they made an announcement at 4:45 that the park was closing in 15 minutes.

I only spent a little less than an hour in the park but I still got more coasters rides in that hour than most people would in 4 or 5 hours at another park on a typical August Saturday. It was nice that Dorney was open but I was kind of surprised they opened at all with almost every other park in the area closed the entire weekend.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:51 am
by N_Dub04Gli
Yoshi. I wish that I could get myself to write up about all of my visits like you do. When I read your posts it makes me think "Why don't I write up last week", or whenever my last visit was. I think this every time. Maybe I can start off slow and report a few of my trips and not them all. We will see. Kudos to you!

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 5:43 pm
by Yoshi
Thanks, I like writing the reports and I can type them up somewhat fast so it isn't much work. I don't write reports for all my trips. I went back to the park 2 weeks ago and didn't feel like writing another report for a visit 3 days later after this report.