Third Trip of the Season May 29th

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Third Trip of the Season May 29th

Postby nathanaelerik » Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:51 pm

Well, Ive been coming to these forums for awhile now, and just decided to actually register and post. I visited the park last tuesday the 29th and I figured I'd give a little summary of the day I had.

I arrived at the park around 230pm, being a passholder I didnt mind just going for a few hours with the park only open til 8. I have to say this was probalby the worst visit I had to dorney, ever.

Wildwater kingdom was so packed, every slides line was maxed out, it would of been ridicolous to even try to get in there.

Alot of the rides themselves were closed. Here is a list...
Apollo, The Whip, Possessed, Meteor, Enterprise, Canyon River Rapids, Scrambler, Demon Drop, Zephyr, Sea Dragon. I believe that was it.
Certain rides opened up around 4, Possessed, Scrambler, Demon Drop.

They were running one train on hydra, which made the line very long. I rode once, and avoided it the rest of the trip.

White Water Landing was running a single boat, it was 90 degree weather and the line was huge. Didnt make much sense.

Talon and Steel Force ran two trains, and lines moved quickly for them. The sea dragon seemed like it was having issues, they would load a boat, and itd sit there for awhile, theyd run it, empty it and itd be closed again.

Avoided riding stinger, which seemed to only be open half the day. Lines for it were not long at all when it WAS open.

I was really surprised that Dorney was giving out free cups of water at every food stand because of the heat, that was a nice surprise.

Over all, very disappointing trip. Hopefully this was just a fluke, and wont happen again.
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Re: Third Trip of the Season May 29th

Postby Yoshi » Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:00 pm

Sounds really bad that operations were so horrible, I'm surprised WWK was so crowded for a weekday and when it is a school day. Usually it isn't crowded at all on weekdays until the end of June.
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