Saturday 7/14/12

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Saturday 7/14/12

Postby Dorneyman27 » Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:51 pm

I try not to go to Dorney Park or any other amusement parks on a Saturday, but I had friends and family coming up to see us and they wanted to go to Dorney Park. We parked our car around 9:40 am. We went into the park and some of our group rode the Screamin' Swing before they opened the rest of the park. Then when the park opened we went to the single use $3 lockers by Whitewater Landing. This saves a lot of money compared to using the main lockers.Then we headed to Thunder Canyon which had no wait and then to Wildwater Kingdom. Lightning Falls already had a long wait so we skipped that. We went on Aquablast(10 minute wait), Patriot's Plunge 2x(5 minute wait each time), Aqua Racer(10 minutes), lazy rivers, wavepools, Riptide Run, and Cascade. That was it for the waterpark because it was getting very crowded. We got our stuff from the lockers, changed, and went back to our cars. There were lots and lots of people coming into Wildwater Kingdom for the afternoon. I am glad we decided to do it right away and into early afternoon when the lines were the shortest.

Then we came back into the park and went to Dinosaurs Alive. It was neat and we all enjoyed it. There were not a whole lot of people doing it. It was $5 a person. Maybe they should lower it so more people would do it. Dominator was next. Only a 2 cycle wait. We went to the ice show to cool off. And then we went to Talon(15 minute wait), Hang Time(15 minutes), Hydra(10 minutes), Meteor(one cyle wait). Then we walked down to the bottom of the park to Stinger(20 minutes). Two trains after we got on it broke down. Possessed was next with a 20 minute wait. I saw a few people using Fast Lane for Stinger and Possessed. Steel Force was after that with a 5 minute wait. We all got dinner at Subway, Burger Barn, and Patio Pizza. We ate at Burger Barn facing Demon Drop.

After that we went to the Cedar Creek Cannonball and Ferris Wheel. We rode on Talon and Hyda again each with 10 miute waits. Demon Drop, Dominator, and Thunder Creek Mountain were after that. We rode Steel Force again and Revolution. Each with 10 minute waits. It was almost 10pm and we wanted to ride one last ride before we left. Some of us went on Stinger and some of us rode Possessed. They each took a little less than 20 minutes. Many people were leaving when we did, so the lines must have been really short by the midnight closing. Everyone liked Dorney Park and had a fun time. It was a lot more crowded than a weekday, but not bad for a Saturday. The waterpark looked extemely crowded during the afternoon, but the rides side was not too bad. I might actually return on a Saturday if I can't make it on a weekday.

There were quite a few buses which is normal for a Saturday. There were about 35 cars on the overflow lot. In the past I've seen a lot more than that on the overflow lot. Maybe the forecast which said thunderstorms kept people away, but we got no rain or thunderstorms. I saw about 15 people the whole day with Fast Lane. Also, there were some line jumpers, but I didn't let that bother me. We had a great day and I will be back soon.
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