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Postby Yoshi » Tue Jul 24, 2012 10:58 pm

I got to the park around 3:00 and started with the ride side first. The lot was much less crowded than last week with the first part of the main lot not full and a lot less busses than last week.

First was Talon, no wait except for the front row. Great ride as always. Hydra also had no wait and didn't vibrate as much as in past trips to the park. Wild Mouse looked to be around 15 minutes but I didn't feel like waiting.

Dominator had no wait for either side so I went to the Turbo Drop and then went to Thunderhawk. All rows were filled with a 1 train wait so I went to the front row since I had to wait for the next train regardless. I really wish they would turn off the trim on the bunny hills at the end of the ride.

Steel Force had no wait except for the front and last rows. I went to the first row of the 5th car and then walked around to the first row of the last car which ended up being my 150th ride on Steel Force.

I skipped Stinger as I have been the past few trips to the park even though it had no wait. It's just not worth it to me knowing it could get stuck on the lift for a long time.

Possessed like everything else had no wait. I had enough walking around the ride side since it was in the low 90's and humid and went over to WWK.

I went to Patriot's Plunge first and rode each side twice waiting an average of 5 minutes each time. I then went to Island Water Works for a few minutes and then went to Aqua Racer waiting 10 minutes.

Jumping Jack Splash was next, but after I rode the yellow slide a lot of people got in line so I didn't go back to ride the orange and blue slides.

Wildwater Rapids had a long line earlier but was much shorter now and I went to the orange and blue slides twice each waiting around 5 minutes each time. It would have been less if I could have gotten to those slides since as usual, everyone wanted the enclosed slides especially the yellow slide so the orange and blue sides weren't being used a lot of the time.

I went back to the red slide of Patriot's Plunge to finish the day.

It was another great trip to Dorney. I just wish WWK wouldn't be closing in 6 weeks since the more I go to WWK, the more I like it than the ride side.
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