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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:03 pm
by Yoshi
I got to the park around 3:00 and it was the most crowded I have ever seen the lot on a weekday. Both parts of the main lot were full and cars were parked on the grass too. There were around 4 or 5 cars in the overflow lot. I have never seen the overflow lot used on a weekday before.

WWK as expected looked very crowded so I put my stuff in a locker and went to the ride side. First was Talon with a 2 train wait. I walked around for another ride and for the first time this season, saw Fast Lane users at a ride.

Wild Mouse looked to be at least 45 minutes even though at the Dark Knight it would be less than a 15 minute wait.

I didn't feel like riding Hydra and went to the lower part of the park. Thunder Creek Mountain was closed and Dominator Turbo Drop had a little bit of a line so I went to the Space Shot that was a walk on. Thunderhawk looked to be around 15 minutes so I skipped it for now and went to Steel Force. The line was out of the station but still less than 10 minutes. I walked around for a 2nd ride this time walking right into the station and saw Fast Lane users entering the station and the train returning to the station had about 6 Fast Lane users. Even with the lot so crowded, the ride side still wasn't crowded so it seemed like a waste of money. I walked around for a 3rd ride and waited 3 trains.

Stinger looked to have a 15 minute wait so I stopped at Possessed waiting a little over 5 minutes and then went back to Thunderhawk waiting 2 trains. I got the middle row of the last car and it was rougher than in past trips. They might have been using the 2nd train that maybe isn't run as often since the buzz bars padding had a different feeling to it so that might have been why the ride was rougher.

I went back to the top of the park, went into the arcade for a little while and then decided to try WWK since it was 5:00. It was still crowded but by 5:30, it started to empty out and without listing everything in 2 hours I was able to get 16 slides, go into Island Water Works for a few minutes and go to the 2nd lazy river (the one that goes around Island Water Works). I'm glad WWK was open until 7:00 during the week later this season than last year since it allowed me to get a lot of slides in without much of a wait. I also liked that they kept the entrances open until 7:00 and didn't close them early (powerwalking from Superman to Kingda Ka to get there 4 minutes before closing to find they closed the line early with the line in the station is not fun :x )

I can't believe in a little over 2 weeks it will be Labor Day and daily operations and waterparks being open will be done with until the end of next May.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:23 pm
by nathanaelerik
Still not riding stinger? Haha...

Sounds like a good trip. I like making short visits that only last a few hours. Smaler visits more often is more worth it than spendng 8+ hours.

Side question, does thunderhawk EVER run both trains or is it impossible at this point? Somedays it really needs the second train and they just don't use it.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2012 6:54 am
by stealth220
From my experience working there, expect to see both trains running only on Saturdays in July and August, and occasionally Sundays. The short ride time, plus the seat belts, really kill efficiency on the Hawk, and running 2 trains is more of a headache than a capacity boost.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:43 am
by Yoshi
^^ I was going to try Stinger again but after it vallied twice in one week, I'm not sure when I'll be willing to ride the coaster again.

I rarely go for more than 4 or 5 hours, that's enough time for a lap or two on the coasters, a couple of flat rides and a few hours in WWK.

^ I can understand about the running of 2 trains. Rolling Thunder almost always runs 2 trains (but most of the time only the right side) and the other train gets to the final brake run before the restraints on the other train are checked. I'd almost rather see 1 train running rather than sitting on the brake run for 2 minutes.