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Postby Yoshi » Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:57 pm

I decided to go to Dorney today for opening weekend.

Instead of putting your keys and phone in a bin at the metal detectors like at Great Adventure, you hold them and carry them over your head while walking through the metal detectors.

Rather than mention wait times, I'll just say everything was a 0 - 5 minute wait except Wild Mouse and Road Rally that looked like they were about 15 minutes each.

I saw 7 other people using Fast Lane. I am guessing they bought All Season Fast Lane since it wasn't needed today at all if they were just paying for the day.

Thunderhawk was the first coaster of the day. It was running ok in a non wheel seat, not too rough. 1 ride was enough.

Steel Force had 2 trains running. It's fun but feels a little tame at times and makes me just want to be riding Nitro instead.

Cedar Creek Flyers were still running slow and with a short cycle.

Stinger was closed with some mechanics working on the ride and then they left and the ride was closed the rest of the time I was at the park.

I went for the last row of Possessed since I prefer the ride without as much twisting up the spike.

The Whip got new seatbelts this year and the cycle is still somewhat short.

Thunder Creek Mountain wasn't too soaking sitting in the front of the log. There were a few riders but not many with it being around 65 and cloudy. Thunder Canyon was also running with no riders and White Water Landing was running with a couple of riders every few boats.

Hydra still rattles a little but not as bad as a few years ago.

Talon was running great, nice and smooth and the layout is great.

Dodgems were popular with about a 1/3 full queue. The lap bars are better than seat belts since they are faster for the ride operator to check. The cycle is shorter than Hershey's bumper cars and a little shorter than Great Adventure's bumper cars. The driving area is too small for the 20 cars that are running and there is also a metal island in the middle that makes the driving area more congested. There were always a lot of cars stuck because they had no where to go. I think it would be better to maybe only have 15 cars running. It was still fun but not something I plan to go to more than a few times a season.

Kaleidoscope looked like it was almost fully assembled. I wanted to try the Troika rides at Kings Island and Cedar Point but didn't want to take a chance on getting dizzy on a road trip so will have to try this version for a last ride of the day on a future trip to the park.

There are a bunch of new soda fountains at the food locations and a soda fountain area in the games area near Talon. With all these new machines I don't understand why Cedar Fair didn't add Freestyle machines especially when other parks in the chain have them.

It was a fun trip and I look forward to visiting more starting next month after the water park is open.

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