July 24, 2004

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July 24, 2004

Postby DEVILDAN2000 » Sun Jul 25, 2004 9:11 am

I got bored on saturday so i went to the park for a little twilight special. I got inside the park at around 4:50(yes i did have the special even though i was 10 mins early) and the park's crowds were faily light. A lot of people didnt come since we had torenchal downpours days before. But the weather at Dorney Park was much better than NJ. moving on, I rode Talon 3 times, Thunder Hawk 4 times, Lazer twice, steel force 3 times total. In between, i ate at the Red Garder Saloon, that place was empty. Surprisingly, Thunderhawk had bout a 5 min wait, and it was growing, so they threw on the second train and then there was no line at all at about 9pm. Steel Force broke down twice for periods of 20 mins while i was there. Somebody wanted to get off Talon while on the lifthill, so i waited bout 15 mins just for that to happen. I took pictures of the Hydra site and not much has changed since the park update. I was looking long and hard(and legally i might add!) for a shot of the track, but i couldnt get a good enough view. But if u go on steel force for your eyes only its a great view of all the track, if i had to guess, I say a dozen or so pieces are there, of straight flat and straight curved up or down. Great day for me, but i think the park lost out since it was a saturday and the parking lot at max wasnt even close to being full.

And also, the Nutty Bavarian was open! Sorry dptalon

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