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Postby Yoshi » Tue Jun 13, 2006 2:10 pm

Decided to take another quick trip to Dorney today. I'm going to keep it kind of short since there isn't that much to say since I commented about the rides in my TR last week

Got there at about 10:15 not many buses but a lot more cars then last week, went to Talon, 2 train wait for the front row. Then I went for 2 more rides with 1 - 2 train waits in the middle of the train.

I went to Hydra next and took 2 middle train rides each with a 2 train wait

Next was Steel Force which was a 1 train wait for the middle on the first ride, then a 2 train wait for another middle train ride

Went to Laser next, and since it was empty in that area, I waited for them to close off the line for the current train being loaded so I could get a front seat ride. It was so dead the train I was on only had 7 people total.

I headed to Thunderhawk next, 1 train running as usual but only a 1 train wait

I then went to Hydra again after a quick stop at the Whip (walk on as well) for another 2 train wait and finished the day off with 3 more rides on Talon all of which had 2 train waits.

Wildwater Kingdom looked kind of crowded but not too bad

Total for a little less than 2 1/2 hours at the park

Talon, 6 rides
Hydra, 3 rides
Steel Force, 2 rides
Laser, 1 ride
Thunderhawk, 1 ride
Whip, 1 ride

13 coaster rides and 1 flat which I thought was great for not being at the park that long
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