8/15/06, short but great trip

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8/15/06, short but great trip

Postby Yoshi » Tue Aug 15, 2006 9:31 pm

I was in the park for just under 3 hours and every ride I went on was a walk on except for Thunder Creek Mountain with 10 minute waits and Wild Mouse with a 20 minute wait (only 4 cars on the track today).

Ride counts were:
Talon, 6x
Hydra, 3x
Steel Force, 3x
Laser, 2x (both front seat rides)
Thunderhawk, 1x
Wild Mouse, 1x
Thunder Creek Mountain, 2x
Apollo, 1x
Whip, 1x

Total, 20 rides

The Talon operator was great saying things like "Talon is the best ride in the park" and then a few minutes later said the same thing with the line "even better than Thunder Canyon" (he used different ride names each time including Thunderhawk and some others)

It was my first time riding Apollo and I really didn't like it that much since I got a little dizzy from it. The ride cycle was very short as well but I didn't mind in this case.
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