9/4/06, great Labor Day trip

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9/4/06, great Labor Day trip

Postby Yoshi » Tue Sep 05, 2006 1:14 pm

I got to the park at around 2:30 to find the 1st part of the main lot almost full. Not too bad and there were also less than 12 buses which was also a good sign.

Walking to the entrance of the park I see Talon running with some empty rows. Already that is the sign of a good trip.

Once I got to Talon, I saw it was a station wait so I wated 2 extra trains for the front. The ride seems even more amazing without the train blocking your view. The train stopped on the lift for a few minutes because the cameras picked up that someone else in my row was holding on to a cell phone. A ride op came up the steps and took the cell phone from them until they got off the ride. It seems like this happens everytime I am at the park (although this is the first time it happened while I was on the train). I then went for a back row ride and a third row ride with 1 train waits.

I went to Hydra next and wasn't surprised to see 1 train waits for everything but the front. 2 smoother than usual rides (no headbanging in the cobra roll today) and I decided to ride some flats.

The Enterprise has always scared me since I have never been on an inverting flat before and the thought of continually going upside down has stopped me from trying the ride before. I decided to watch a cycle and saw that once the arm got completely vertical, there were only 4 or 5 rotations before the arm started to lower so I figured I would try the ride. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be and was a lot less forceful than I expected. It was an ok ride but not something I would ride every visit.

By the time I got off Enterprise, I saw Music Express was unloading and got in line just in time to get on the next cycle. Fun ride but it didn't run backwards like I was expecting it too (just as well since I don't like going backwards).

Thunder Creek Mountain was next with a 10 minute wait. Great ride as usual. Thunderhawk was running 1 train like it always does on a weekday which was about a 4 train wait. I didn't get thrown around as much as I usually do on the ride. Steel Force's line was almost completely down the stairs though no switchbacks were being used. It was about a 10 minute wait. Lots of airtime on the return trip after the MCBR which was great. I went for another ride since the line wasn't too bad.

Laser only had a 2 train wait and again they weren't enforcing the assigned seating but I had to settle for a 3rd car ride because I was one of the last ones to get on the train. People behind me were saying that the coaster looked so small it shouldn't even be considered a coaster. I thought to myself; "just wait until we hit those loops and the final helix and then you'll see just what kind of coaster this really is." Of course after we hit the brakes, one of them said it was more intense then they expected.

On the way out, I went back to Thundercreek Mountain for another ride, Hydra for 1 more ride. I decided to see how bad the Wild Mouse line was since it always seems way too long to wait for. It was only a little past the entrance and was about a 10 minute wait. The brakes weren't on too hard today which made it a more emjoyable ride.

I then finished the day off with 2 more rides with Talon.

Wildwater Kingdom also looked surprisngly empty with most of the slide towers having only a few people in line and Whitewater Landing was sending out half empty boats.

I wasn't how crowded the park would be but it worked out well for a nice trip.

Ride count (about 3 1/2 hours in the park):

Talon, 5x
Hydra, 3x
Steel Force, 2x
Laser, 1x
Thunderhawk, 1x
Wild Mouse, 1x
Thundercreek Mountain, 2x
Enterprise, 1x
Music Express, 1x
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