Hersheypark/Knoebels - 9/17/06

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Hersheypark/Knoebels - 9/17/06

Postby Kozmo 1 » Fri Sep 22, 2006 4:12 pm

I've never actually written a trip report before, but this trip was quite intresting. It began as a trip to Hersheypark for the day, I was hoping for a pretty empty park with lots of oppurtunities for power riding my favorite rides....this was also my first solo trip to a park other than Dorney.

My day at Hershey started out very well...other than needing to pay the $8 parking fee which I hoped to get out of...I guess it's mainly the younger kids who don't know a Dorney Pass doesn't entitle you to free parking...and I couldn't tell who was working the booth until I pulled up to find an older gentleman who said I had to pay the 8 bucks :(

Well I was inside the park gates by 10:00 am and the crowd seemed pretty light at the start of the day. My initial plan was to try to get a front row ride on Great Bear before a line would form, but I had been in the park for about ten minutes and hadn't seen a single train run yet...so I decided to get a ride on my favorite ride in the park, The Comet.

Front row ride w/ about a 2 train wait. Comet was a great ride as always other than that awful trim on the 2nd turn. I swear Comet could make it into my top 3 woodies if that trim were removed.

After I got off Comet I saw Great Bear trains running, so I was on my way to the Bear...on the way I took walk on rides on SDL and Coal Cracker...2 of my favorite classics.

GB had a station wait and maybee a six train wait for the fron...it took me about 20 minutes to get my front row ride...which was worth it although the efficiency at this ride seemed to be really awful....and there were some annoying teeny boppers in front me me the whole time and this one kid kept walking back to spit into the Coal Cracker water...damn punks. Great ride though, I think this was my first time in the front row...and way better than anywhere else on the train, which is how I feel about most inverts.

Next I was onto my favorite flat at Hershey and one of my favorites anywhere...the Flying Falcon which was deserted...so I rode 4 times in a row..once on each color of falcon. Great relaxing and thrilling ride.

Then I took a front row ride on Trailblazer w/ a one train wait. Fun classic ride, wish it were longer though.

Next It was time for lunch at Freeman's Pit BBQ...got a delicious beef sub and some Texas tea.

Then I continued through PF, hitting Rodeo which wasn't running backwards...then a front row ride on Sidewinder.

So far a great day at the park...then it was off to Midway America where my day at Hershey started slipping downhill.....

First was Wildcat which was a great ride in the front seat, only waited about 3 trains for the front.

I saw quite a line for the Ferris Wheel, I hoped to ride it to get a nice look at the Boardwalk construction but with the line and the number of gondolas being loaded it looked like it would take a while, so I went right to Lightning Racer, which I saw was running half empty trains, so I was expecting a walk on and a chance for a few re-rides with no wait. I get to the station to find that half the seats are empty because they have them roped off and there is a wait in the station, so I only rode once then left Midway America.

I then headed back down towards Music Box Way and took a nice ride on Dry Gulch RR, which is one of my favorite park trains.

Next I hoped to get on the Monorail, but there was a pretty big line and only one train...so I figured it wasn't worth waiting a half hour for the monorail.

Next, I stopped by to check out the Extreme Cup Challenge...I thought from the begining that the theme was pretty dumb...but I figured it was a dark ride so I'd try it out. Well they have this set up with a main line and then a line for "single riders" which I found out was the biggest joke ever...I waited for 15 minutes and didn't move an inch, NOONE in this line was a single rider....they were all trying to take advantage of the shorter line and really screwing over the people who really are single riders. So I said screw it, and left the line.

Then it was off the to Sky Ride which had a huge line and was again running in what seemed to be super slow motion mode, making the capacity horrible, so I passed on this too.

I then went back to Comet Hollow to find a pretty big quee for the Comet, so I passed on that and then took a 2nd ride on the SDL with a 2 train wait, first time I've seen a line for this ride in years.

By now I was really fed up with the size of the crowd and lack of capacity on some of the rides so I headed to the car and I was off to Elysburg.

I arrived at the Knoebels parking lot about an hour later and met up with one of my friends who was already at the park. We took a fun ride on the Paratrooper first...great ride, nice long cycle as per Knoebels norm.

Then it was off to Phoenix...my favorite woodie...phenominal ride as usual...no trims here lol.

We also did Twister, Pioneer Train, Ole Smokey, Merry Mixer, Scenic Skyway, got some waffles and ice cream, and took a ride on a REAL darkride, the famous Knoebels Haunted Mansion.

Then it was time for the best park pizza ever, Cesari's...I also went for a ride on the Round Up while we waited for our pie to come out.

Then finally back to Phoenix where the ride was now a walk on, we finished the night with five more trips on the bird that was flying like a bat out of hell....sweet airtime and out of control speed...nothing else like it.

Then it time to head home but not before almost hitting a bear on the drive from Knoebels. First time I'd seen a bear outside a zoo.

Overall good trip, first few hours at Hershey were fun and the later part of the day at Knoebels was awsome as usual...I'm always happy at Knoebels, it's just the atmosphere and quality of all the attractions, food, etc. that can't be found anywhere else.
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