Question about the heights of the rides at Wildwood, NJ

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Question about the heights of the rides at Wildwood, NJ

Postby TheRealSpaceMountain » Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:12 am

Hello, I'm new to the boards and hope to share many discussions with you guys in the future. I have always loved amusement parks, especially Dorney Park and Wildwood New Jersey.

I have always been fascinated of the heights of rides and which ones are the tallest and Wildwood does not seem to post heights of all there rides on the boardwalk. I made my own thought of which of the tall rides is the tallest on a top 10 list. If you know alot about Wildwood and can help me out on figuring this out I'd appreciate it.

1) Atmosphere- I know it's a 140ft drop, but with the addition of a 35ft flag it seems to be the tallest point on the boardwalk.

2) The two towers on the slingshot ride- Another really tall point. When I'm on top of the Ferris Wheel I feel like I'm not quite the height of the slingshot.

3) The Skyscraper on the old Hunts pier- I heard it's 160ft tall and it looks every bit of it.

4) The Ferris Wheel- Most people probably think this is the highest point on the boardwalk, but i'm not so sure. I believe I've seen this listed anywhere from 140ft-156ft.

5) The Great Nor Easter- I've seen some websites list this at 115ft and some 150ft. It looks atleast 20 ft. taller than the 115ft Condor.

6) The Skycoaster- Listed at 100ft ... No way. It towers over the 115ft. Condor and from some angles even looks taller than the Nor Easter.

7) The Condor- Listed at 115ft. Used to be one of the tallest ones, but now is dwarfed by new rivals AtmosFEAR and Nor Easter.

8) The Sea Serpant- I feel like this and The Condor are neck and neck. Can't tell though since they are on different piers.

9) The Great White- When you are at the top of the hill it looks alot taller than it does from when you look at it from a distance. Does not look taller than any of the above though.

10) "IT"- Takes you 65ft in the air. Not even close to the heights of anything else.

Fair estimation? Any thoughts would be welcomed.
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Re: Question about the heights of the rides at Wildwood, NJ

Postby Yoshi » Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:26 pm

RCDB says Great Nor'Easter is 115 ft, Sea Serpent is 116 1/2 ft, and Great White is 110 ft
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