Great Adventure, 5/27/09

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Great Adventure, 5/27/09

Postby Yoshi » Wed May 27, 2009 7:48 pm

Since the weather forecast was totally wrong again, I decided to go to the park today instead of tomorrow where thunderstorms are forecasted in the afternoon. I would have rather gone to Dorney today to get to WWK but they said it was only going to be in the mid 60's. They were wrong about that too since it was in the mid 70's.

I got to the park around 2:00, the lot was not that crowded and not a lot of busses. Superman had a station wait looking from the parking lot.

Congo Rapids and of course KK were the only rides closed. Tango still isn't operating, I guess now that it is the peak season for the park and the ride still isn't opened probably means it will not be open at all this season.

Nitro had a line a little past the 30 minute sign, 3 trains running and just under 10 minutes. The dispatches were a little slower today than normal, with some stacking and double stacking.

Skull Mountain was empty, I got 4 rides in the last row without having to leave my seat. The first ride was pitch black, the other rides had more light let in but the scenery in the ride is still not lit. The station music was some techno type music which I never heard before. The regular spooky music normally played is much better.

I took the skyway over to Frontier Adventures, and got a walk on ride for Runaway Mine Train, saw the log flume had at least a 20 minute wait and went to Bizarro.

You now enter the line at the last switchback compared to the first set of switchbacks like last season when there was no line. I didn't realize how big the queue was but thankfully it wasn't needed as the ride was a station wait. 2 trains running.

The fire effect is cool to see in person and the auger of doom really is a headchopper. I also like the buildings after the MCBR and the shields with the chaning lights on the first drop. The ride seemed really smooth as well. I didn't care for the sound that much since it was difficult to hear and some of it didn't make sense. Overall I think the transformation was good but the coaster itself is just as good as it has always been.

Rolling Thunder had the left side open, just the yellow train running. I like the left side a lot better except at the end where that turn around into the brake run really is forceful without any banking.

I went back to Movietown, went to the Dark Knight and Batman both walk ons. I stayed on Batman for 2 more re-rides and the op made a comment that everyone should ride Bizarro today as it is likely the shortest wait it will have all season. He is probably right, since once schools let out, even weekdays will be a lot more crowded.

Nitro was down to 2 trains and a station wait. I took the skyway back to ride the log flume which had no wait and get some more Bizarro rides. They were down to 1 train which made each ride a 1 - 2 train wait. I got 3 more rides in before the park closed. I can't imagine waiting in that full queue or even a line longer than that since other reports mentioned the line extended past that last Thursday.

I don't know if it was the forecast that kept people away but it was nice to have such short lines for everything.

Ride Count
Nitro - 2
Batman - 3
Skyway - 2
Medusa - 5
Skull Mountain – 4
Log Flume - 1
Rolling Thunder Left - 1
Runaway Mine Train - 1
The Dark Knight - 1
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