O.C. MD & Rehoboth Beach

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O.C. MD & Rehoboth Beach

Postby Hooky965 » Wed Jun 24, 2009 12:19 pm

My kid was at a baseball tourney last weekend near the DE coastline. Staying in Seaford, DE afforded us somewhat of a midpoint between OC and RB. We got to 'em both. First, it's worth mentioning that if you're going to either of these towns specifically looking for a killer boardwalk, look elsewhere. OC is clearly the better of the two, but from a sheer ride standpoint, WW beats it hands down. There's an amusement pier which we walked on, but didn't really ride anything. Nothing special, but there was this interesting little looping coaster (looked like a Schwartzkopf) which seemed like a cross between a wild mouse and a regular coaster. Most intriguing about it was the small size of the loop.

OTOH, there's Trimper's Amusements. Located at the bottom of the boards, what Trimper's lacks in sheer thrills is made up for in nostalgia. Lots of stuff there for the old-timers, like an authentic Wild Bobs ride (didn't go backwards...a little disappointing), the Toboggan ride (didn't go on that...those cars looked slightly less spacious to me at age 40 than they did to me at age 8), and best of all, TWO AUTHENTIC BILL TRACY DARK RIDES! Yes, for darkride fans of yore, you can still go inside a musty seaside attraction and take in all the wonderfully twisted, tacky, tasteless fun of a Tracy darkride. For the uninitiated, go to Laffinthedark.com and check the haunted house and pirate's cove articles. Honestly, it's great to see that bigass pirate on top of the latter and remember when one just like that loomed over Bucket o' Blood. Also worth noting is that they have a shooting gallery just like the one DP used to have. The only coaster there is a Vekoma boomerang. I know that most have something of a tepid reaction to that ride, but I always enjoy riding one (I've learned to prepare myself for the inevitable neck snap during the backward inversion...I think that's key to not coming off that thing looking for a chiropractor).

Up in Rehoboth, there's little to do for ride fans. Playland amusements is the only game in town, and it's geared towards the little guys, but there is one exception. Yet another wonderful darkride, the Haunted Mansion. This one's only open at night, and is slightly newer than the haunted house in OC. Worth noting however, is that this ride was created completely in-house and has been updated nicely over the years. For those concerned about such things, the scares in this one are pretty much devoid of blood & gore (or S&M-esque torture...yes, there's a little of that in just about every Bill Tracy-designed dark ride). Instead, it uses the elements of creepiness & surprise very nicely.
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