Great Adventure, 7/6/09

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Great Adventure, 7/6/09

Postby Yoshi » Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:15 pm

Even though I knew the park was probably going to be crowded today, my sister wanted to see the Glow In the Park parade since she missed it on both her visits to the park last year so we decided to take a chance ang go to the park. We got there around 4:00 and the lot had a lot of cars in it, more than I have seen all season. Superman looked to have at least a 45 minute wait looking at it from the lot.

The first ride was Blackbeard's since my sister needed the credit. 10 minute wait, and they still give you 2 laps. We went to Skull Mountain next which was a little less than 10 minutes. There were so many flashpass users they gave them almost an entire train even though they are only supposed to get car 5. We stopped to see the dolphin show. It was ok but nothing that special.

Both sides of the skyway were running and it was 15 minutes. We saw the log flume had at least an hour wait so decided to go to Runaway Mine Train next, the line was down the stairs. How often do you see that? The front 3 rows of 1 train were closed so we took the 4th car. It was a little less than 10 minutes. We were going to go for a 2nd ride, but the line had gotten past the steps and they actually had a flashpass person there to allow flashpass users to merge at that point. I have never seen that happen before I guess because the lines hasn't been that long in years.

We then stopped at the Tea Cups which was a 1 cycle wait and the Carousel also a 1 cycle wait. Skull Mountain was down to a 1 train wait so we stopped there, took the sky way back to Frontier Adventures saw the log flume still had at least a 45 minute wait so skipped it and stopped at the mine train again with about a 5 minute wait.

Walking to Movie Town I saw Scream Machine was a walk on so I stopped there for a ride and went to see the Glow In the Park parade. I had seen parts of it last year when walking to other rides but never stopped to see the whole parade.

It was really great, not as good as Spectro Magic but very impressive for what it was. The Great Adventure float at the end with Kingda Ka was really cool.

The Dark Knight had a few minute wait to get into the pre-show. My sister really liked the coaster, especially the individual lap bars (on a lot of coasters like Steel Force, even with the lap bar at the lowest it will go, she still has a lot of room).

I really wanted to ride Nitro but hadn't gotten to it earlier in the day because I knew it was going to have a very long wait. At this point it was a little after 9:30 and the line was at the 30 minute sign and it was around 12 minutes. Amazing ride as usual. That just shows how crowded it was since the line is usually around the 30 minute sign in the middle of the day when I go to the park during the week in May and early June.

We finished the day with another ride on Dark Knight.

Other than skipping a lot of the major coasters and the log flume due to crowds, it was still a good trip to the park.
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