TR Kings Dominion 9/1 - 9/2

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TR Kings Dominion 9/1 - 9/2

Postby robertleax » Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:28 am

Went to Kings Dominion on 9/1; got to the hotel at the park at 9:30am and they let us check in early which was very nice. After a quick breakfast walked over to the park at 10am. Parking lot was empty so we expected a light day. Had my wife, 11 year old daughter, 9 year old son and wife. Now my son and wife rides very few rollercoaster rides so we split up on + off for the day so this TR is with my daughter and myself (By the way, my daughter at 11 is up to 114 different coaster on

Lets just start out that every ride had no wait...except for 1 which I will say in a minute. I even took pics with no one waiting more so than the park itself.

Went to dominator 1st, back row; scooby doo and the haunted mansion, scooby doo ghoster coaster, volcano, backlot stunt coaster (now this only had 1 train running with 20 minute wait, anaconda, (got lunch), flight of fear, avalanche, drop tower, shockwave, rebel yell, riccochet, hurler and grizzly. done at 2:30pm. walked around, saw a few shows and went back to hotel at 4pm. It was nice to relax at hotel and hit pool with kids.

Got up next morning, checked out, they let us leave the car in the hotel parking lot, walked over at 10am. Again; went to dominator 1st, scooby doo and the haunted mansion, volcano, backlot stunt coaster twice with no one there this time, and anaconda (all in the front row). done by 11:15 am! walked around til 12noon to go to the water park. Again no one was there lines, every thing was a walk on. But only 1 wave pool was open. That was mainly for the kids so my wife and I sat back and relaxed. Left the park at 3pm.

Great time but when you go to the park on these days, alot of restaurants were closed. Not a bad comprise.

ride count... 6 hrs over 2 days...

Dominator, 2x -front row 1x
scooby doo coaster, 1x
volcano, 3x, -front row 1x
avanlanche, 1x
anaconda 3x, -front row 2x
flight of fear, 1x
backlot stunt coaster, 3x, -front row 2x
shockwave, 1x, -front row 1x
rebel yell, 1x
riccochet, 1x
hurler, 1x
grizzley, 1x, -front row 1x

that's close enough
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