Hersheypark in the Dark, 10/25/09

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Hersheypark in the Dark, 10/25/09

Postby dp45879 » Sun Nov 01, 2009 3:23 pm

After rescheduling the trip due to the chilling and rainy weather the weekend before, I was headed out to Hersheypark for their Halloween event, Hersheypark in the Dark. While there were no haunted attractions, I thought they did a good job decorating the park. There were a few light displays, the rides were renamed all with new signs, and there were little details that were pretty neat, such as a witch crashed into a Skyway pole.

We got to the park a little before the 2:00 opening and went to Chocolate World. We waited about 5 minutes for the ride. The ride was decorated for fall and had haybails, cornstalks, pumpkins, and fall leaves scattered all around. Heading to the park gates, there were HUGE lines for security checks and tickets. We waited for about 15 minutes, and while in line, we caught that Storm Runner was on the 'Temporarily out of Service' board and came to realize that the ride was closed all day.

Upon entering the crowded park, we headed towards the way of Midway America, catching a 1 cycle wait on the "Raven Claw". What was pretty cool, was that when the ride swung up above the grassed section. there was a witch lying on the ground, looking like she had fallen out of the ride. Moving on we caught a 25 minute wait for FEARenheit. They were only running 2 trains and the third was nowhere in sight. Great ride as usual. Next, we walked to Mouse Stew (Wild Mouse) and caught a 10 minute wait. 10x better than Dorney's. We crossed over to Scaredy (Wild) Cat and waited about 15 minutes for the second row. Being my first ride on the Wildcat, I actually thought it was pretty good, and much better than Thunderhead which I rode this past July. 7/10. Wicked (Lightning) Racer's line was to the entrance, so we skipped out 'till later.

From there we took a walk to Pioneer Frontier, my favorite section of the park, to catch a few more rides, the first one being Scare (Side) winder. 1 cycle wait for the second row. This ride is truely terrible. It really makes me sick, which no other ride makes me feel. Plus the headbanging which is even worse. I would see no problem in the park removing this ride. *Calm* Boo (Trail) Blazer was next. 2 train wait and I was able to see some of the theming on the train which looked really cool, although I didn't have a chance to ride. Next we went over to ride Bats in the Belfry (Kissing Tower) and get some fries (yum). Since we were pretty close to Great Scare (Bear) we took the 15 minute wait for the back seat which I actually enjoyed more than my summer ride in the middle. Reese's X-Scream Cup Challenge had a *heated* 5-10 minute wait all day, so we took 2 rides. We took another 25 minute wait for FEARenheit, a walk-on for Howler and a 1 cycle wait for Ghostly Galleon (Pirate).

Since we still didn't get a chance to pick up a ride on Wicked Racer, we walked to Midway to take another ride on Mouse Stew (10 minute wait, still better that Dorney's =]) and to find that the line for WR was STILL in the same place. Since I didn't yet have my credit for Thunder Side, I braved the 25-30 minute line. The reason for the line was, of course, because they were only running 1 train on each side. (I prefer Lightning over Thunder) To finish off the night, we took a few rides in Comet Hollow. Our first 2 were on SooperBOOperlooper which were both walk-ons. I really liked this ride; the loop, hill, tunnel, and last helix was great. 2 rides on Comet (10 minute waits, 1 time in the front) finished off the night and gave me a new favorite woodie at Hersheypark.

I had a pretty good night and I hope I'm able to get back out next month for Christmas Candylane.
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