Great Adventure, 4/11/10

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Great Adventure, 4/11/10

Postby Yoshi » Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:16 pm

Another trip to the park, the 2nd time this week but since the park is closed during the week now, I probably won't be going as much.

I got to the park a little after 12:00 and the lot wasn't that crowded. From the lot I sat Superman had a long line but Scream Machine was a walk on.

First ride was Nitro, 2 trains running with the line on the stairs so a little over 5 minutes. I got 2 rides and went to Skull Mountain, 1 train wait and I stayed on for a re-ride. The Skyway was closed the entire time I was at the park, that makes it closed for 3 out of 4 visits to the park this year.

Blackbeard's was loading with no wait so I stopped there quickly and went to Frontier Adventures. The Log Flume appeared to have a short line but with only 12 boats running, it was almost a half hour (I wouldn't have waited if I knew it wasn't at full capacity). Runaway Mine Train had 2 trains running, 1 train wait then I walked around for another ride and stayed on the train for a 3rd ride.

Bizarro had 2 trains running with very little stacking. The line was at the 30 minute sign and was around 15 minutes.

Rolling Thunder had just the left side open, 1 train wait. Kingda Ka had a station wait but the station was packed today. 3 trains running, it took about 5 minutes to get to the area to pick a row and for some reason the front row line only had an extra 2 train wait (4 train wait total, but the middle rows were a 2 train wait). A few minutes after that the front row line was almost full so I guess it was just one of those lucky moments since it was just under 20 minutes total in line.

Scream Machine was running 2 trains, 1 train wait since I didn't want one of the back rows and I got a re-ride. Superman's line was on the stairs but I didn't feel like riding because it looked like dispatches were very slow and I hate being on the brake run with your head tilted down.

Dark Knight had around a 5 minute wait to get into the pre-show and then around 10 minutes for the pre-show and line after that. They waited until the room was full to start the pre-show and I really wish there was a way to bypass it since after close to 30 times watching it, it is boring.

Batman had a 1 train wait and I moved to an empty row for a re-ride, I saw Nitro's line was past the 30 minute sign so it was around 15 minutes probably and I had to get home anyway so I left after Batman.

Crowds were a lot lighter than I was expecting, considering it was such a nice day with no clouds and around 75 degrees out.

Ride Count:
Nitro - 2
Batman - 2
Bizarro - 1
Kingda Ka - 1
Skull Mountain - 2
Rolling Thunder Left - 1
Runaway Mine Train - 3
The Dark Knight - 1
Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train - 1
Great American Scream Machine – 2
Log Flume - 1
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