Great Adventure, 4/18/10

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Great Adventure, 4/18/10

Postby Yoshi » Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:33 pm

Another week, another trip to the park. I got there around 1:15 and the lot wasn't crowded but I saw Superman had about a 30 minute wait because 1 train was running.

First ride of the day was Nitro, 2 trains running and a 1 train wait. Just crowded enough that you had to walk around. The Dark Knight had the pre-show room open so I walked right in and waited only a minute after the pre-show room to ride. After that I went to Skull Mountain, 1 train wait for the front, I forgot how little leg room there is in the front seat of each car. I got a re-ride and went to Buccaneer since it was loading and had no wait.

The Skyway was closed again this trip (it was on the closed rides board), unless it has something wrong with it, it is really a shame to see it closed on 4 out of 5 trips to the park this season. The Teacups had no wait so I stopped there next.

Blackbeard's was also loading but was having problems so I went to Frontier Adventures. I was expecting the Log Flume to have a very short wait but was closed even though it wasn't listed as closed on the board. It was in the mid 50's out and if they ran it opening weekend in the 30's on Saturday and in the 40's on Sunday, I thought it would be running today.

Runaway Mine Train was a walk on, one op refuses to dispatch the train unless everyone on the train yells choo choo (they made 1 train yell choo choo 3 times because they weren't loud enough), this is the 2nd time this season I saw them do it. I might get some disagreement on this but I kind of wish they would dispatch the train after asking once because some people don't want to participate and it was causing unnecessary stacking. The other train was sitting on the brake run while this was going on.

Bizarro had 2 trains running, 1 train wait but no re-rides because each row had people waiting. I went back for 2 more rides and went back to RMT for 3 more rides thankfully with another op that wasn't asking people to yell choo choo.

Rolling Thunder had the left side open with 2 trains running, the right side is having some track work done after the turn around.

Kingda Ka had 3 trains running and was the only real line of the day. It was a station wait which was 5 to a little under 15 minutes each time. I got 4 rides in a little under an hour.

Scream Machine had 1 train running, and was 1 train wait for the front. The op at the microphone was saying to check out Viper and The Chiller. I moved to the 3rd car for a re-ride.

Superman now had 2 trains running with no wait but I wish they still had 1 train running. Dispatches were very slow, worse than Rolling Thunder and I hate being on the brake run with your head tilted down so even though I could have gotten re-rides I didn't take advantage of it.

I went back to Blackbeard's and Skull Mountain both walk ons and walked back to Batman and Nitro. Batman had 1 train running but was a 1 train wait for the last row. Forceful as always. Nitro still had 2 trains running and also had a 1 train wait for the last row. I was getting kind of tired and decided to leave after Nitro even though I had originally planned to try to get another 5 or more laps on Nitro, plus I was almost there for 6 hours so it was getting late.

It was another great trip to the park with low crowds and I know in a couple of months the park will be jammed even on weekdays so it was nice to get another trip in without dealing with lines.

Ride Count:
Nitro - 3
Batman - 1
Dark Knight - 1
Blackbeard's - 1
Skull Mountain - 3
Tea Cups - 1
Buccaneer - 1
Runaway Mine Train - 4
Bizarro - 3
Rolling Thunder Left - 1
Scream Machine - 2
Superman - 1
Kingda Ka - 4
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