King's Dominion 6/10

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King's Dominion 6/10

Postby darsmith1 » Sat Jun 12, 2010 7:45 pm

Mostly a trip for the kids, but I did get on a few "adult" rides. Intimidator 305 was unpleasant, which means anyone reading this would probably love it. I almost blacked out after the first hill (heard some people after saying the same thing as we exited). Sharp banks are really tough on the neck. On the plus side, as a big guy, this was one of the few shoulder harness rides that I easily fit on.

Kids loved it. Lots of shade, which I appreciated. Wish Dorney would invest in some indoor kid rides like the Spongebob 3D and the Boo Blasters laser gun ride. Both were well done and made the trip different than the usual daily trip to DP.

Stayed at the Best Western, which is conveniently on site and affordable (discount with season pass, we have DP Platinum). BW had a nice pool with bar, playground, tennis court, putting green, shuffleboard, ping pong, game room, lounge, and 2 restaurants attached. Made it easy to take a break and then return to the park.

Google maps had the trip at 5 hours. We planned poorly and hit rush hour traffic in DC. That, plus a few potty breaks for the kids and it took us nearly 8 hours to get home.

We had a great time. Better by far than DP. We probably won't go back for a while because I don't think we'll go Platinum next year.
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Re: King's Dominion 6/10

Postby Tori_is_neat » Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:42 am

KD is a really beautiful park. I personally think it's worth the trip every year. They have a great ride selection, and as you said, shade! :)

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