Great Adventure, 10/11/10

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Great Adventure, 10/11/10

Postby Yoshi » Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:32 pm

I was originally going to go to the park this past Friday for Frightfest's opening night but at the last minute couldn't make it and knowing how busy the park is on October weekends today seemed like a better day to go. I was a little worried with crowds since it was also Fall Physics Day which was either already over by the time I got to the park at 4:30 (thanks to some traffic on the NJ Turnpike) or never happened with so few buses in the lot.

First ride of the day was going to be Nitro. The line was a little past the stairs with 3 trains running. When I was 2 trains away from riding the ride broke down and the ops put on orange vests and walked out onto the brake run to talk to the people on the trains and when they started to unload the train that had not gone yet and had those people go back into the station, I knew it might be a while and left.

The Skyway had a very long line with 1 side open so I went to Skull Mountain. About a 5 minute wait, I walked around for another ride. Nitro had about 30 people waiting outside the entrance and I saw it was testing and got in line. They opened a few minutes later but only 2 trains were running now. It was a 1 train wait for row 8 but the line quickly got longer. By the time I went back for a 2nd ride the line was almost to the 30 minute sign which took around 20 minutes because someone threw up and they had to clean the train off and cycle it empty. After that the line was right near the 60 minute sign which meant around a 30 minute wait with 2 trains running.

I went to The Dark Knight which had the pre-show door open and the room was about 1/3 full. The 2nd hologram projection still isn't working but the bat signal at the end is working right now (on Family Fall Fun Night it wasn't showing a bat with the light). I got a re-ride and went to Batman which was a 1 train wait.

I stopped at Blackbeard's and walked past the Flashpass center and saw they raised the prices for Frightfest as in past years, a regular flashpass for 1 person is up to $45 which I think is an $8 or $10 increase over the regular season, I forget the prices for multiple people but it looks like they raised those as well.

The Log Flume was closed, so I went to Runaway Mine Train with a 1 train wait and walked over Bizarro which was a 2 train wait. All 3 trains were running but they were stacking and double stacking. Near the area with the cardboard cutout buildings there is at least 1 Chang train is taken apart with pieces all over the area.

Rolling Thunder had just the left side open but had 2 trains running. 1 train wait.

Kingda Ka had all 4 trains running and was a 1 - 2 train wait unless you wanted the front. While waiting for my 3rd ride, they closed the left side of the station and said everyone had to move over to the right side. I had a feeling that was going to happen and that's why I didn't get in line for the front even though it was only a 4 train wait. What I think they should do is instead of closing the other side without notice, they should close the front row lines on that side before shutting down that side completely (while keeping the other rows open) and after everyone in line has ridden, then close that side down. Someone could have been waiting for close to 20 minutes only to be told they had to leave and go back to the other side.

The parachutes were a walk on so I stopped there for 2 rides and finished the night with Superman. The station was completely empty so I walked onto the front row and moved to row 7 for the final train of the night.

I was surprised to see some of the Frightfest scare zones opening at 6:30 with an 8:00 closing as I would have figured they wouldn't bother opening for only 90 minutes. Bone Butcher Territory opened a little earlier and with it not being dark out, the scare actors couldn't sneak up on people.

Crowds were much lower than I was expecting especially with the nice weather (sunny and 80 degrees) and I was expecting to get 12 rides at the most so getting 18 rides was a nice surprise.

Ride Count:
Nitro, 2x
The Dark Knight, 2x
Batman, 1x
Skull Mountain, 2x
Blackbeard's, 1x
Bizarro, 1x
Runaway Mine Train, 1x
Rolling Thunder Left, 1x
Kingda Ka, 3x
Parachutes, 2x
Superman, 2x
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