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Great Adventure, 4/24/11

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:09 am
by Yoshi
I wasn't sure about going to the park today with rain forecasted all day but it was sunny out so I decided to go expecting low crowds even with the park not having a buyout this year (and open to just the buyout group and passholders) and open to the general public.

As usual for me, the first ride of the day was Nitro. 2 trains running with the 3rd train still not put together. It was a 1 train wait and I was able to stay on the train for 2 more rides just having to change seats.

The Skyway had apparently just opened and after stopping at Skull Mountain for 2 rides, I stopped there next. The Log Flume was closed with some maintenance workers walking around the trough.

Runaway Mine Train was next, 1 train wait. Bizarro had all 3 trains running but dispatches were slow with double stacking. The LED's on the shields at the bottom of the first drop are now turned on.

I went back to Runaway Mine Train and after that saw the Log Flume had opened. It was around a 10 minute wait but the line got long very fast since it is the only water ride open and it was around 80 degrees out. I would estimate the wait to be at least 30 minutes by the time I exited the ride area.

I stopped at Tango and Rolling Thunder left. Both sides of Rolling Thunder were open and the left side had 1 train running while the right side had 2 trains running.

Kingda Ka was next, the first wait was around 10 minutes and then 5 minutes. I am still getting used to the line moving so fast in the station with the new setup.

Superman had 2 trains running, it was a 1 train wait unless you wanted the front row. The ride broke down right after that but reopened a little while later.

I waited for the parachutes which didn't look like it had that long of a line but it ended up being over 20 minutes after one set of parachutes broke down with people stuck around 15 feet in the air for a little over 10 minutes. They were running 3 sides which was nice to see since in past seasons 1 or sometimes 2 sides were open at the most.

I went to Blackbeard's and got 2 more rides at Skull Mountain. Nitro's line was near the 60 minute sign and I saw that only 1 train was running and figured it was around an hour wait. I hope the only reason they went to 1 train was because there was a problem with the other train but it would be nice to see the 3rd train set up and ready to go so if they run into problems with a train, the ride can still run 2 trains.

After getting 3 rides earlier with no wait, I didn't feel like waiting and went to Batman which was a walk on and then the Dark Knight to finish the trip.

If it hadn't been Easter Sunday, I'm sure the park would have been packed since it was some of the nicest weather there was the entire spring break week and it was great to get in another trip with low crowds.