keansburg new jersey 2010

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keansburg new jersey 2010

Postby angel607 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:19 am

i went to Keansburg new jersey amusement park last year and it was very different from when i was little. when i lived in jersey and went to this park ofter. so here is a run down of the trip. many of the employees looked like they were in a bad mood except for some. the beach there was so dirty. i have pictures of a dirty diaper left on the beach along with these small dead animals washed up from the water i guess all over the sand. the water looked pretty dirty. however walking along the pier was a beautiful site i will never forget. it was the first time i ever got to do that. the seagulls would fly so close to you. the rides were okay not as big as dorney park but i loved the spook house. food there wasn't a bad price but i liked Dorney 10 times better. i did have a good time at keansburg but the park looked like it changed a lot. at the end of the day i said to my sister thank god we have season passes to Dorney.
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Re: keansburg new jersey 2010

Postby dorneydude » Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:58 pm

...had to laugh when I saw this because we were there last year too. But to me things had hardly changed at all since i was last there in the early 80s. I grew up at Keansburg. It was a short trip from sayerville compared to the extra time and traffic to get to Pt Pleasant. We enjoyed the kiddie rides and what was then the more affordable games. My parents loved the Walk in Boys and playing for food and stuff. It was safe enough for us to wander the blacktop board walk by our selves and try win one of those rock t shirts...all black cheapie cotton with white long sleeves...remember those!

If anything I think it was cleaner today than back then. Man it seams so much smaller now a days though. Thats what happens when you grow up I gguess. I heard it gets a little rowdy on weekends but I think it could still be a good time for local kiddies. Its really not fair to compare it to DP in any way. The only really new thing is the water park. I took a ride down memory lane in the old Spook house too. Great noastalgia…crappy ride.
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